Like a Circus (DMB Part II)

There are so many things that happened in the past couple days that I have an opinion on, but I feel like like people both smarter and more eloquent than me have expressed my exact feelings far better. It’s also not at all pregnancy related, so while it does in fact drive me bonkers, I’m going to leave that at that.

I woke up this morning to Britney Spear‘s Circus in my head.

I think it’s because I’m feeling for the Duchess Kate. I’m doing this under the scrutiny of my fantastic friends and family. I can’t imagine having to deal with the scrutiny of more or less the entire western world.

I especially get annoyed when people get all judgey about what a pregnant woman does or doesn’t do (or worse, how she does or doesn’t look).

Remember back when the Duchess was hospitalized for Hyperemesis Gravidarum?
Another pregnant woman commented that she had morning sickness too, but all she could do was go and have a bit of a lay-down in the ladies room at work until it passed. She went on to say how she would LOVE to be at a hospital with staff caring for her 24/7.


Hyperemesis Gravidarum isn’t just morning sickness. It is when your morning sickness will possibly kill you without intervention. I don’t know Kate, obv, but I can imagine that going to the hospital was a terrifying ordeal, not a cushy vaycay. Having a person claim their manageable nausea was the same thing is so ignorant, it makes me want to spit. (And I do not spit. My mother would KILL me.) That’s like someone saying they should be in the hospital on an IV of morphine because they had indigestion, just because I was while I was vomiting non-stop due to an extremely infected gall bladder.

I was equally shocked at how many people felt/feel the need to comment on the amount of weight one does or doesn’t gain while pregnant. I’m no Kim Kardashian fan, but I had serious sympathy for the chick when she started gaining weight faster than random people on the street felt was appropriate. Kim is suuuper short (much like myself), and five pounds on her is about equal to twenty on someone with a frame like Kate’s.

Not only does the chick have arguably better ob/gyn care than most of the people commenting about her (I can only assume here. With her money she’s certainly not concerned about insurance coverage.), she also has spent enough time in the limelight to know what needs to be done to stay in shape. If she looks less than perfect, it’s either because she’s been told to rein in the crazy diets/exercise or she just decided to stop beating up on herself to maintain a size 2 while growing a whole other human.

Kate, for the longest time, was getting the reverse. “She’s so skinny, she needs to eat more!” was like a mantra uttered by women the world over. When she finally “popped” suddenly she was the perfect size. For someone as fit and naturally thin as Kate is, it sure would have looked bizarre putting a full belly on her before her fetus was actually large enough to make an impact.

Mine’s currently the size of a blueberry apparently. So, unless we’re playing a weird game of the princess and the pea — er, blueberry – where people lay on my stomach and see if they can sleep comfortably, no one can tell anything.

Le sigh.

All of this keeps going back to that same thing that’s been so forefront in my mind lately. Why are we women so quick to tear each other down? To say that this one deserves something while that one doesn’t? Can we all just sign a pact together and make an effort to be kind, courteous, and careful with each other? Even if it is only for the nine months of pregnancy.

Can we sit back and enjoy the show, without secretly hoping that he tightrope walker falls or the lion goes apeshit on his trainer? I for one am full of wonder, dazzled by the colours and the lights. And I’m probably as excited to see the Royal Spawn as the next person.

I’m just more of the mind that when I see the new little royal, with (hopefully) healthy and happy momma Kate, it will remind me that I am not alone in this journey. That so many woman have had the strength to manage this before me, and so many will manage it after me.

I cannot judge how they got there. I can only be in awe of the way they were able to create another being, and hope I gain some wisdom from their journey.

Because all this hating is really, truly driving me bonkers.