Just a Quickie

It’s always funny to me how people react to my blogs. Or just me, really. Some things I mean to be humorous fall flat. Other things I mean entirely serious end up amusing the masses.

EW, one of my bridesmaids and a fantastic friend, could not get over the idea that I’d never once owned a Barbie. She’s actually insisting that she get one for me. She then proceeded to offer me this one, which I am not too ashamed to say scared the crap out of me.

That. Is. Just…not…no…brain…broke…

EW has also helped me get a bit of a leg up with the ob/gyn vs. midwife debate. She really liked her ob/gyn, so that’s a start. But she also gave me the name of a girlfriend who had some firsthand experience with midwives.  Haven’t heard back from her yet, but we shall see…

It bums me out that I actually have to be pregnant before anyone will see me. If the first trimester—hell, the first weeks, really—are so important and those are the days when you don’t even know for certain that you’re pregnant, why can’t I get some advice for things to do during that time from a professional?


On a happier note, my Mom got married over the weekend in Houston. It was a lovely, incredibly busy couple of days. As much as loved being there and being able to help, it was exhausting, and I’m so happy to be home with my own bed to sleep in tonight.

On that note…