Well, here we are, a week later.

You know what I kept thinking of, the entire time between my last post and testing?

So, that was fun, bouncing around in my brain. Thankfully, it was well worth it. I’m officially pregnant. 😀
Let me back up a bit…

I wake up last Wednesday with my highest BBT ever. Right. So far so good. I use one of the 5 tests I bought on eBay.

I wait a couple minutes…and…well, let me show you a picture:

Test One

Test One (Do you guys remember Gel Pens? That’s totally a Gel Pen. Purple Glitter Gel Pen, no less.)

MFH, the poor guy, spent the first minutes of his morning rubbing his eyes and trying to decipher the test above.
I sent the above picture to my MoH, LC, and asked her option as well.
All three of us agreed, the line appeared to be there, but it was far too close to call.

I had every intention of waiting another day to test. How well do you think that turned out? Yeah, exactly.

At lunch I bought a early detection test at the pharmacy, smuggled it into the bathroom at work, then smuggled it back out to my office.

Test Two

Test Two (That, my friends, is two lines.)

Later, I would use that second picture to totally freak out my mother. She’s still in the South, so it wasn’t like I could tell her in person. Her reaction was pretty wonderful.

Everyone’s reaction really. This is the first grandchild for both my parents and MFH’s parents. It was pretty awesome to share that news with all of them, my brother, and MFH’s sisters.

Over the next few days we shared our news with the rest of our family and our closest friends.
From the beginning of all this I said I wouldn’t wait to tell. These are the people I need in my life, for the good and the bad.

I think a few of them would have liked me to wait, because they don’t want any heartbreaks either. But that’s not who I am, and I doubt I’ll ever be.

So rather than being safe and telling all of you that I’m past that all important 12-week mark, I’m telling you now at barely 5-weeks.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who’s given me laughs and encouragement through all of this. You ladies (and gents) are awesome like a unicorn. I wish the absolute best for all of you in your own journeys.

I’ll be writing more soon. I’ll even explain the “catched” thing. For now, I’m off to bed because I desperately need my sleep.
I have a baby to cook. 😉