Cast of Characters:

Ms.I: The subject of this crazy experiment. I promise to catalog the before, during, and after of my pregnancy…no matter how wonderful/terrible/embarrassing. I seriously have very little shame, so, you know…keep that in mind.

MFH: The poor schmuck who married me. No, seriously, he’s wonderful. I can get grossly sappy and over the top about this guy. I will try my best not to, but trying is not doing…as any young Jedi trained by Yoda could tell you. I may even force a guest post or two.

The Spawn: Chloé Linda Anne. Born February 11th, 2014. I tend to think she’s perfect. 🙂

The Dog: Piper, our Alaskan Klee Kai (AKA Pipe, Mooch, Puppin)

TO: Toronto, Ontario (AKA: The T-dot, Hollywood North, GTA, Downtown)

What’s the Point?

Since I’ve always been able to write through things better than chatting through them, I figure I’m more likely to keep it all together if I blog about it. Also it’s kind of neat to be able to look back and see what nonsense I got myself into throughout the experience.

Who’s this for?

Anyone. Well, no. If you really despise people who don’t believe something just because one “expert” says so, or those who speak/write without a filter, I am not for you. Not even a little bit. I will probably mildly offend some. I might even extremely offend some. It’s not my intention, but I won’t pretend like I’m family fun for everyone.

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CAUTION: Snark ahead