Right; Change of Plans

Chloé 4 Month Old

So, I’m not going to do monthly updates anymore.

Honestly, with baby and work it’s just too difficult for me to form 10 thoughts that make sense. I’m hoping not having the timeline hanging over me will help me post more. (We shall see…)

Gosh, so much has happened since we last chatted. Let me sum up.

Clo’s still sleeping like a champ. I’ve literally gotten to the point that I just don’t talk to my mommy friends about sleep, because she is not the norm (and I really, REALLY don’t want the sleep to stop).

I’ve officially had like 10-20 people comment that she’s a “really amazingly good baby.” I’m hoping that I haven’t damaged her in some way. (And seriously, how messed up is it that when people say she’s unusually good I wonder if there’s something wrong?)

She had a crying fit at AJ’s and it was heartbreaking. It was absolutely the longest and hardest cry ever. MFH and I were distraught. AJ was like, “THIS is bad for you? No, this is not bad. You jerks are so lucky!”

Clo laughed for the first time last week at Piper doing her idiot whirling dervish routine. She’s become fascinated by the dog, and wants to see and touch her more and more. Piper, for her part, has become less shy around Clo – although she’s still super cautious/respectful of Chloé’s space.

As mentioned up top, I’m working again. 25 hours a week at my salary rate. Some weeks it’s alarmingly easy, other times it’s harder. A lot depends on my lovely little one.

At her four month check up, Clo was 50% for height (24.75″) and 15% for weight (12 lbs 8 oz). Doc was super pleased with both as she’s staying on her tracks, and gave us the okay to start her on solids. So far we’ve done Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon, Pineapple, Pear, Mango, and carrot. She’s starting to understand how to take the food into her mouth and swallow, but it’s still quite a messy progress. I’ll start to post recipes as we get a bit more fancy, but that’s a little ways off.

I’ve set up the YouTube channel for Made in Toronto. A bunch of videos are up, and I’m hoping to add something weekly going forward. Feel free to subscribe if that’s your sort of thing. 😉

And finally, because it’s adorable, I leave you with a shot of some of the babies that belong to our new mommy group. Enjoy the cuteness!

Baby Meet Up

Clo’s third from the right.



One thought on “Right; Change of Plans

  1. Those pics are adorable. And hey. I didn’t call you guys jerks…..I just couldn’t believe your baby girl was so good!!! (Check out the expression on the baby at the far left….whoohooo!) Xo

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