2 Month Roundup

Chloé 2 Month Small

I noticed after the fact that last month’s roundup had more than 10 items. I misnumbered at least twice. I decided to leave it, because I think it’s really funny and it shows just how tired/crazy that first month actually is. My brain couldn’t reasonably count to ten. THAT’S how crazy. 🙂

Never the less, I’ve managed to accurately count to ten here. (I think.) So here’s my list of ten for month 2.

1. I LOVE My Medicine Ball
Seriously,this thing is our life saver. I’m not sure why it works (maybe it helps break up those gas bubbles?), but as soon as my but hits that ball Clo quiets down. Special thanks to our prenatal instructor midwife who suggested it as a way to calm an unhappy baby.

2. Baby Wearing is AWESOME
I have a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier. The Ergo has buckles, and I’m actually going to a mommy meetup next week to learn how to do it up under supervision. The Moby I tend to wear around the house. It’s great for hands free time, or just giving Chloé a brake from sleeping away from me. (She, like most babies tends to sleep longer and better cuddled up to Mom or Dad.) I don’t feel comfortable doing cooking or cleaning while she’s “Mobyed,” but I can do a bit of dishes, play boardgames with MFH, or do a bit of work on the computer without issue. It’s kinda crazy how quickly and easily Clo quiets down when she’s in it. It’s one of the fastest ways to calm her when she’s fussing and won’t take a nap. I’m really looking forward to next week so that we can start going for walks in the park without the stroller.

3. I’ve Become Ambidextrous
I’ve always been a little ambidextrous. I mean, I write with my right…but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Any sports that require swinging of things cause me to go left-handed. I bat left, golf left, and in dance I prefer to move/turn to the left. Now though? Something you learn very quickly as a new parent is how to do things one -handed. Often there’s a baby in the other one. Putting clothing on is particularly interesting one-handed. So is picking up things you drop. But two-months in, I’m a pro. I can handle anything, left or right. And I think that may be a metaphor for the bigger idea of being a parent: you have to adapt.

4. Chloé is Unintentionally Hilarious
At least I think it’s unintentional. Maybe Chloé’s just a super gifted baby comedian. She is Canadian, after all; we seem to breed a lot of funny up here. It started when she got really obsessed with her hair. At first she would grab onto it, yank it and not let go, and scream until one of us came and pried her little fingers open. Now she gets that pulling hair hurts, so she sort of…twirls it. Like you’d expect from a gum-snapping cheerleader. She also is a big fan of throwing the bird. Usually when it’s super funny to her overtired parents. Also, like Piper, Clo likes chiming in on discussions that MFH and I are chatting about. Mah! Ouu. Aaaah. (She’s always on my side. 😉 )

5. My Daughter’s Smile/Laughter Melts Me
Clo started smiling a little while ago, but they weren’t related to anything. At least not anything I could discern. They still made me melt a little. Recently, though, she’s actually responding to her surroundings. She grins at us while getting a clean diaper. She belly laughs at the birds on her bouncy chair and the stars on her nursery ceiling. The first time she ever smiled at me, with full eye contact was…well, there are no words really. I bent down to grab something, stood back up, and made eye contact with Clo. She grinned at me slowly, one side creeping up faster than the other. Her gummy smile probably lasted only for a few seconds, but it felt like a tiny bit of forever.

6. Knock on Wood
This, just as easily could be titled “Don’t Jinx It.” Because really, as soon as I say Chloé is or isn’t doing something, she then proceeds to do it. I waited almost two weeks before blogging about her sleeping 6-8. You know why? Because I did not want it to stop; that’s why.

7. There’s a Lot I Don’t Know
I read. A lot. I also will talk to a wall if left to my own devises, so talking to people is suuuuuper easy. I felt like I had a really good idea of what could/would happen in pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby. And I do feel relatively informed on the facts. But I’m shocked at what I don’t know. Let me give you a for instance. Did you know that babies sometimes stop pooping at overnight around 6 weeks? Me either. When this happen with Chloé, I was concerned she was blocked up or something. Then I got an “your baby is X weeks” email. It actually was covering sleeping, but it made an off-handed remark about how they probably won’t be pooping overnight. Who knew? Not me.

8. Things DO Get Easier
I’m not going to lie the long sleep overnight is making a HUGE difference to my life. Still, everything from breastfeeding to half-awake diaper changes have really become second nature. It’s a bit like living in a new country. You get there and you have a basic understanding of the culture/language, but you’re like, dude, the classroom cannot prepare you for everything. Some people talk super fast or use slang or have a crazy accent. Local culture may have quirks you don’t find elsewhere in the country. But after living there for awhile, something just sort of clicks and you get it. It doesn’t mean that you never put your foot in your mouth or say something that clearly points out that their language is not your first. It just happens less and less as the days go on.

9. They Get Bigger Every Day
Or, if not bigger, they change. I’ve watched Chloé as her eyelashes moved out of her eyes, then darkened, and then lengthened. Now her eyebrows are getting darker every day. Her hair has grown past her ears. She’s over 10 pounds now. Every single day something is different. Whether it’s her looks or her attitude or how she interacts with the world, something changes every day. I try to track it. To take photos and videos and just remember. I know it’s not perfect. I’ll forget how small she was. Or how she was before she started smiling at me like she actually liked me. It makes me appreciate more what my parents went through as I grew up and achieved certain things. I’m so excited for what’s to come, but I’m really trying to be excited for today as well.

10. More Sleep = Better Mom
This may not be the same for everyone. After all, I was a crazy sleeper before I had Clo. All I can tell you is getting 7-8 hours of sleep in a row a night has done some great things for me. I always love Chloé, but I definitely feel like I love her better when I’m not exhausted and just begging the universe to put her to sleep. I play better during the day. I actually think up things to do and say (and sing) to help develop that little brain of hers. I also take better care of myself. The less tired I am, the less work it seems to be to, you know, wash my face. :p I feel like a better person, better equipped to handle my life. And hers, I guess. And getting more sleep means that I’m enjoying all of this so much more.

Two months down. Is it going as fast for everyone else as it seems to be for me?


3 thoughts on “2 Month Roundup

  1. It goes by crazy fast. Lil Miss is 7.5mo now and I cannot believe it. I swear I was rubbing my belly with her in it not long ago. Where, in reality, I found out her gender a year ago.


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