Sleep Questions

Clo has never really been a terrible sleeper. I mean, we’ve had a day or two where she’s just constantly up. In general, though, she at least sleeps 3 hours at a time. In the last two weeks, though, a new development has arisen…

If she doesn’t sleep all day long (meaning only two or three naps), and if we endure 3-4 hours of crankypants while attempting to get her to bed at night, Clo sleeps 6-7 hours in a row. Amazing, right?


The 3-4 hours of crankypants means we don’t actually get to sleep until midnight. It’s hours of a cranky baby. Hours of bouncing her on a medicine ball. Hours of crying off and on. Hours of feeding and burping. By midnight I’m exhausted. MFH is exhausted. The 6-7 hours is a blessing, for sure, but it’s not exactly consistent either.

Am I supposed to be keeping her up until midnight so she can have these epic sleeps? Or will keeping her up mean the 3-4 hours of crankypants will just start from midnight?

And why is she sometimes fine with going to bed at ten? If she was really happy to be in bed at that time, then it seems odd that her sleep only lasts about 4 1/2 hours from then.

Every time I read about sleep and infants, the recommendation is the earlier the better. Most insist on getting them down by 6, or at the very latest seven. Midnight is certainly a far cry from that. But if she’s sleeping so well from midnight and not earlier, why should I fight the early bedtime?

Is Clo a night owl like her parents? Is indulging in the longer sleep a bad idea if a midnight bedtime is the exchange? Long term, obviously, it’s a problem. I don’t want a three-year-old who expects to be up until midnight. But on the other side of that, she’s only 7-weeks at this point; we’ve got time to make adjustments. Time easier dealt with if I have 6 or 7 hours of straight sleep at night.

Am I completely over thinking this and there isn’t actually a pattern? Maybe the midnight thing is just a coincidence? Be thankful for the 7 hours of sleep I got last night and just move on?

I’m really not sure what to think.

If you give me advice, I’ll show you a supercute picture of Chloé smiling…

Chloé Smiling

That smile absolutely slays me.


6 thoughts on “Sleep Questions

  1. How old is she? There is an old saying among parents that “sleep begets sleep,” which means that if she naps well during the day, she will sleep well at night. When she only takes 2-3 naps per day and sleeps well at night, does she get in extra feedings during the day? If so, that extra daytime nutrition may be what is able to push her to sleep longer at night.

    We went through the same evening “witching hour” of fussiness with my daughter. You may find that wearing her in a baby carrier might help, but whatever you do, she will outgrow it.

    Another useful piece of advice that I was given was to try to put the baby down for a nap two hours after waking up. So if she wakes up at 6am, try to put her down for a nap at 8, and so on. This may not work every time, but by doing this I was able to start to better recognize the cues that my daughter was ready for sleep, and it made our lives much easier.

    Goodluck Mama!

    • She just turned 7-weeks yesterday.
      Thanks for the advice. Clo loves our Moby, but not during the night. She’s been feeding for longer periods (both during the day and at night) but it’s much less as far as quantity per day. She’s gaining weight and size perfectly, so I know she’s getting enough. She just seems to be scheduling her days (and nights) differently.

  2. I second the routine nap attempts and also the growing out of it. The most useful thing anyone ever reminded me of (and “reminded” because they wouldn’t stop. saying. it.) is that the only constant is change. In my experience, my worries were over before or just as I figured out a solution. That may not end up being your experience but I very much hope that it is, for sleeps sake!!

  3. Just an update. We managed to get her down at 11pm last night, but we still had the 7 hour sleep. I’m going to keep trying to get her earlier every night. Fingers crossed.

  4. no real advise, just a wish that your sleeping concerns will take care of themselves. the frustrating thing is that babies change their sleep habits so quickly ….. ignore those people who tell you about their babes who slept through the night from day 1. they’re either fibbing, their babes are not as clever as chloe, or they think sleeping through the night means going 4 hours. Lame! babies need to be fed often cos they’re growers!! and unfortunately that means throughout the night. so don’t worry if you’re doing it right or wrong cos chances are it’ll change before you know it. xo


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