Lots to Think About

I got a call Wednesday. One of the women who are covering me while I’m on Mat Leave (the Marketing Manager) was a bit frantic, letting me know that the department was falling behind. Did I want to do some freelance work now?

Did I?

Excellent question. Everyone likes money. Well, maybe not everyone, but I think I’m fairly safe saying everyone because there’s enough of us in the world who live on and with money.

I am short on said money at the moment as I haven’t gotten a paycheque since I went off work the end of January and my benefits were just approved (possibly incorrectly) on Tuesday. But right there is the other issue. I don’t want to mess up my benefits, so I can’t accept money until this summer when I plan to work from home in a part-time capacity.

Still, I want to help. And I want to show how well I can work from home, because maybe I’ll be able to do that (at least part of the time) instead of having Clo in daycare 5 days a week. I’m looking into the possibility of doing the work now, but not applying the hours/getting paid until summer. We’ll see.

Speaking of daycare…Man, that is expensive. Most of the government certified centers I’ve seen with good ratings are about $100/day. In a four week month, you’re talking $2,000. That is bonkers to me. And, yes, I’m aware of the Child Care Subsidy that Toronto offers. But still.  Best case, we’ll still have to pay over $1,000/month.

There are other options, of course. In-home daycares (some are licensed), nannies, nanny share programs. But I’m not going to lie, all of those options make me a little uncomfortable. I realize Chloé will be a lot older and less breakable in eleven months, but she’s still going to be my baby. I want her taken care of and nurtured both mentally and physically. And I’m already starting to wonder if anyone can do that better than me.

I guess I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but with rumors of 2-year waiting lists all over the city, thinking about it now isn’t THAT crazy. We’ll see how I feel as the time draws closer.

Next week we have quite a few adventures planed. I’m getting retested for diabetes, so fingers crossed on that front. I’m also having my last appointment with the midwives. Unfortunately both of mine are on vacation, so I’ll finish up with another. I’m a bit emotional about “leaving” the midwives. I don’t know if anyone can ever have the bond with me and MFH that they did. If we ever decide to do this again, we’ll take the midwife track again. Even if I have the same problems with GD and PIH, I’d rather do it under their guidance.

Finally, we’ll be going in to my office to meet and greet. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, not to mention picking up the stuff I left behind in my office. Clo’s been a fairly good traveler and visitor so far, and I’m hoping she keeps it up this time.

Apparently the time around 6-weeks is rife with physical and emotional growth for babies. They are more aware of their surroundings and, as such, become overstimulated by their surroundings. Literally there is too much to see and do. So they get fussy. Clo seems to be coming out of the worst of it now, but for a bit there we were referring to her as “the pot of fuss” and “Madame Fussypants.” I’ll get into it in length at another time, but the only thing that seems(ed) to work for her was holding her while bouncing on a medicine ball. I spend around 5 hours on it in an average 24 hour period. Let me tell you, my behind looks fabulous. 😉

I’m still feeling a bit out of sorts. My days and nights sort of blend together, and my understanding of times and dates have drastically declined. I was convinced this week was the week of the 23rd until Tuesday at about 3pm. I find myself desperate for the weekends in a way I haven’t been for some time. Enjoying my job so much means I actually didn’t count Saturday and Sunday as so much better than the rest of the week. But I feel quite differently now. I miss MFH during the work week. I feel like I hardly see him before it’s time to work on getting Chloé to bed. I suppose, like everything else, this will get better as Chloé gets older. For right now, though, I’m just always wishing for the weekend.

That seems like enough rambling for now, so I’ll leave off. Until next time, good luck and happy sleeps!

Chloé at 6 weeks and 2 days

Chloé at 6 weeks and 2 days




One thought on “Lots to Think About

  1. Hi Christine. I hope all these concerns will fall into place for you. Xo Sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

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