Hogwarts (Harry Potter) Nursery

What with Chloé coming early (and two days after my baby shower), her nursery never got the proper showing it deserves. So today, while she took her first daytime nap, I cleaned things up and took some final pictures. There’s still a few things I wanted to add (the star cover for the change table and some of the art from the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection hung behind the door), but this is done enough for me to be quite happy with it. I’ll try to source everything for you, in case you really like a piece.

Without further ado…

Harry Potter Name Art

Harry Potter Name Art by Brett Lillard on Etsy. Highly recommend.

HP Nursery Crib

Crib: Storkcraft Verona in Espresso. Crib skirt: handmade using this tutorial. Name Art: Brett Lillard

3D Star Close-up

3D Stars (Sorry, I don’t know the source, I’ve had these since I was a teenager.)

Harry Potter Nursery Cerberus

Cerberus (Or Fluffy, if we’re being all Harry Potter) Squishable: squishable.com (thanks again Joe!) Star Sheets: Babies R Us.

Harry Potter Nursery Change Table

Change Table: South Shore Savanna in Espresso Gilder & Ottoman: Storkcraft Hoop in Espresso/Beige Wall art by me (Crests based on WB’s Movie House Crests). Wand set is Dumbledore’s Army.

Harry Potter Nursery Art Close Up

Close up view of the art, stars, and snitch. (Stars, again, I’ve had forever. Snitch is from this kit.)

Harry Potter Nursery Sorting Hat Song Art

Close up of the Sorting Hat Song art. (This is based on a version of this done by Alan Tom.)

Harry Potter Nursery Bench

Flying keys & deacon’s bench by me. Gryffindor Pillow, Character Pillow, and knitted owl was all made by my SIL E’s MIL. Star and cloud pillows are vintage from my youth. The lamb is JellyCat. Beige Curtains are Eclipse panels. Shear curtains are vintage.

Harry Potter Nursery Flying Keys

Closer look at the Flying Keys. (And curtains, I guess.)

Harry Potter Nursery Keys and Art

Okay, this one is just because I like seeing the keys with the art. 😛

Harry Potter Gryffindor Pillowsa

Closer look at the Gryffindor set of pillows.

Harry Potter Sky Pillow Set

Closer look at the Sky Pillow set.

Harry Potter Nursery Armoire

Armoire: South Shore Savanna in Espresso Lamp and candlestick are vintage. Large owl: Chapters.ca Small owl nightlight (Thanks LC!): kinderglo.com  Hamper: Household Essentials Box to left of armoire is Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection

Harry Potter Nursery Moon Mirror

This is another piece I’ve had for at least 15 years. It’s above the closet…

Harry Potter Nursery Sun Mirror

…while this one is above the nursery room door.

And if you have any interest in seeing some of the “making of” for the nursery, you can see all the nursery posts here.



9 thoughts on “Hogwarts (Harry Potter) Nursery

  1. Definitely one of the coolest nurseries we have ever seen! We’re proud that the KinderGlo Owl could be part of it and hope it will help keep the boggarts at bay. 😉 Thanks for the link back, and we wish you and baby Chloé lots of smiles and sweet dreams!

    • That’s very kind. I love the nightlight. I use it often as a travel light when we leave home. Honestly I’m happy KinderGlo had an owl to fit the theme…although I think a dragon would work as well. 😀

  2. Hey I was trying to get some more information on the sorting hat picture. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything with good quality to it.


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