The Game Plan


I’m having the worst sleep of my entire pregnancy, which explains why I’m up at five a.m. typing here rather than…you know, sleeping.

I guess it’s pretty indicative of my feelings. I have a lot of last minute things to deal with, and my brain is making me repeat them over and over again, rather than letting me just get some sleep.

I met with OB-R yesterday. My blood pressure was still high, so I’ve been diagnosed with Gestational Hypertension. She’s taking over my primary care, which I’m actually pretty okay with all around. I donno if it’s because I’m “hers” now or just because of the situation, but working with OB-R yesterday was so much better than the speed-daemon appointments from before.

I got some more blood work done (seriously, at this point, I should just have a hep-lock put in). Urine as well. I also had a surprise ultrasound to check on Spawn. Apparently the high blood pressure can hinder growth. Not Spawn though. As usual that kid is “perfect” and measuring in the 60th percentile. Oh, and Spawn has a ton of hair, apparently, as well. Now I keep wondering what colour it’s going to be…

Anyways, the real point of all this is that some big decisions were made.

The first of which is that I have been medically ordered off work. This is the hard one for me. It’s the reason I’m up right now. I didn’t finish my projects at work, because I had no idea when I left on Wednesday that it would be my last day there. So now I have a running list of things I have to delegate off to my assistants and hope they get done close to the time I originally scheduled them for.

Please understand that I recognize that fixating about this stuff isn’t helping on the path to lowering my blood pressure. Unfortunately, it’s in my nature. I’ve managed to convince myself that I can handle the coordination of all this via phone and email…but even that took awhile to convince myself. (I really just want to go into work one more day…)

But, according to OB-R, I am to be the laziest couch potato ever. She encouraged me to marathon Netflix. At least it’s not full bed rest.

Part two of the game plan is constant monitoring. I have an at home blood pressure machine now. I also have to have a medical professional check me out every two days or so. (Sunday I go in for another NST and blood work; Tuesday I’m back in OB-R’s office.) I have a list of signs and symptoms that mean I need to whisk myself off to the hospital. If those various things happen, obviously the timetable on the rest moves up.

As you may have guessed at this point, the last part of the game plan is an induction. 37 to 38 weeks was bandied about early on, but I think we’re aiming for 38 weeks. (After all, I’m 37 weeks on Sunday.) The GD and GH together is a placental issue. Basically, my placenta is working so hard to insure that Spawn gets all the oxygen and sugar rich blood it can, that it’s making me sick doing so. Once I deliver the placenta, poof, all of this disappears. So the idea is to find the point in which Spawn has gotten everything from me, while also making sure I don’t get a severe drop in my own health.

Literally we’re looking for when “better out then in” hits.

An induction was never going to be my ideal situation. I know the risks and the procedures and what the numbers say. Somehow, though, I’m content with it all. I suspected Spawn would come early. I just thought it would be on our terms. The fact that it will now be determined by a doctor isn’t so bad, though. As I said last time, there is a bigger picture to this than me wanting my birth my way. There is a baby that will soon be another member of the human race. A brand new person to learn and grow and be launched into this life of endless possibilities.

And more and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that birth is just the start of all that. If the induction works perfectly and starts natural labor, awesome. If it doesn’t and I need pitocin, I’ll deal with that as well. And if it all goes wonky and it comes down to a c-section, then that will be okay again.

Because at the end of birth? I want a baby. A live, screaming baby. And everything else? At this point, who really cares?


8 thoughts on “The Game Plan

  1. Sounds familiar…

    I think you’ve got the absolute best mindset heading into this. Once “Spawn” is here, it absolutely doesn’t matter how it happened.

    At least soon when you’re up at early hours (4:25am in my case) you’ll have a super cute companion (typed with baby boy asleep in my arms).

    • Thanks Lady! I know it sounds crazy but I really feel like I was led to your blog to read your birth story to prepare my mind for what was to come. I remember thinking, “I hope I keep it together as well if things go like that for me.”

      • I totally agree! I keep telling my husband that I can’t believe that you’re going through such a similar situation – the odds of two people who don’t know each other who live in two different countries being able to connect over this is crazy.

        I’m glad you found my blog helpful and I’m wishing you, your husband & baby all the best as you prepare for the birth!

  2. You sum it up perfectly at the end. For all the planning we do, there does come a point where we have to give up control and do what is best to deliver a healthy, happy baby. Good luck. I agree with the Netflix marathon.

  3. My prayers are with you and your OB team. I had high BP with my eldest son as well. I recall the daily BP and bi weekly NSTs well. You are right, in the end, what matters is healthy baby and healthy mama!

      • Not a problem. So many people pressure you that there is only one way for a perfect birth. What they fail to realize is that it is not up to them. Birth surrounds the baby and mother. If their health is at risk, that is when the medical team holds the reigns a bit and that is ok! My doula prepped me for such things, that she was there to see the healthy and happy delivery of a baby, no matter how it happened. She was there to support me and make sure the OB team was aware of how I’d like things to go even if things did not go as I originally planned. She was a huge asset to the experience and I learned so much from her! Just relish in that new baby smell!


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