Nursery Preview – The Art

I crossed over into 30 weeks on Sunday. I’m going to get into how crazy that is to me in a day or so, because I have other stuff this week I want to cover.

So you know what that means! Time for more Nursery stuff!

“On top of the stool she put a pointed wizard’s hat…A rip near the brim opened wide like a mouth – and the hat began to sing…”
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s [Sorcerer’s] Stone, Chapter 7 – The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat‘s first song does a really nice job of laying out each of the four houses at Hogwarts and the type of person who belongs in each. It’s not exactly a nursery rhyme, but it works in a similar fashion. I saw a graphic version of this song done by Alan Tom. [He doesn’t have it on his website, but you can view it on my pinterest here.]

Being an upstanding citizen, (AKA a graphic designer that does not steal other people’s work) I emailed Mr. Tom. I told him about my plans for the nursery and asked if he’d be willing to sell me a printable file or, worse case scenario, a poster/print. I also mentioned that I was a graphic designer who could recreate the art with approval. Thankfully, Alan Tom got back to me rather quickly. The reason the Sorting Hat Song no longer exists on his website as a sample of his work is because Warner Brothers has given him a cease and desist. He gave me the okay to use his work as a jumping off point. So off I jumped. 😛

I had this printed on a photo-fabric type material with a light texture and a slight shimmer. It’s mounted on a wooden frame, much like a painting canvas would be. Finished size is 10″ x 30″ on a 2″ frame.

Sorting hat song

My other digital to print project started as a bit of a disaster. I planed on getting the 4 official house crests throws for Spawn’s nursery. This was to be the major source of colour in the room, so it was a vital piece of the overall look and puzzle. Once I finally started to measure out the wall space, however, I quickly realized that the large pieces would not logically fit. I could hang them from the ceiling, but that was about it.

So I rapidly reformulated my plan. I would design my own art, based around the various house colours and animals. I started with baby versions of each house mascot. It was cute, and it made the whole layout of the room younger.

Which…I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted. (Also, had a major time trying to track down a baby Raven to work from.)

On a whim, I tried the same background design but with heraldic animals rather than the cute babies. MFH and I liked my samples of this style much better. When I started to actually get to work on getting it together, I found that it was impossible to find a heraldic badger design to work from. I could have spent days working on creating one from the outline of a heraldic bear, but I wasn’t convinced it would work.

Frustrated, I went back to the beginning. The whole point of this art was the colours and the representations of the house crests. So why wasn’t I just using the house crests? Excellent question. So back I went. I still kept my background designs, but this time I put the theatrical crests on top of it. It worked. I could hardly believe it. MFH approved. I sent the finished proofs to Mom and LC. They both came back with positive feedback.

As with the Sorting Hat Song, I had it printed on the specialized fabric and mounted on a wooden frame. This time only a 1″ frame to better serve the 16″x16″ finished size.

Hogwarts House Crests

As much other work as we’ve done on and to the nursery, there is something about getting these off the pixels of my computer and in to real life paper and ink that makes me feel like things are really coming together. I think it’s the marketing manager in me; nothing is done until the posters are hung and media is running.

It’s safe to say I’m moving well past pre-nesting into a more full-fledged nesting.  I haven’t gone up the walls and started scrubbing things with a toothbrush, but I see things going that way soon enough.

But, for now, I will soothe myself with pretty pictures. 😀


4 thoughts on “Nursery Preview – The Art

  1. I have been a Harry Potter nerd since high school but never once considered a nursery theme with my first. But now I’m on my second and last so I’m going all out. Harry Potter pregnancy announcement, baby shower, Halloween party, and nursery. I’m in love with your nursery and look at your page and find new things I love everyday. Is there any way you could contact me with some help with the sorting hat pic? I’ve spoken to Alan Tom but still at a loss. I’d appreciate any help I could get.
    Thanks Amanda


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