2nd Trimester Roundup

Much like with trimester uno, there’s a bit of a debate about when your second trimester ends and your third begins. Some of my weekly pregnancy emails had me flipping over a couple of weeks ago. Still, everyone seems to be in agreement that by the time you hit 28 weeks, you’re 100% in trimester 3.

28 weeks…

Assuming I go your benchmark 40 weeks, that means I only have 12 weeks left in this pregnancy. (Just to clarify, it’s not that I think all of you are super dumb at math. It’s more that I have a hard time wrapping my head around it myself.) 12 weeks until I have a little one bossing me around from the outside, rather than the inside.

I have to say that trimester dos was a bit of a breeze. The tiredness backed off. I didn’t have any big medical concerns. I dealt with heartburn by drinking almond milk and covered up the ever expanding tummy with standard maternity fare. I have to pee a lot, which makes sleep less cohesive than I’d like. I find it more challenging to do things like bending, getting up and down, and just generally overdoing things. Having said that I have zero complaints. I am so lucky/blessed.  

I saw Spawn again in fuzzy black and white this past trimester. This time I was shocked by how much Spawn looked like an actual baby, rather than a bunch of baby-like parts. I also found out the (probable) gender. Thus far, MFH still hasn’t been told, per his preference. I’m hoping that lasts.

I had my Glucose Screen last Wednesday. I’d heard such horrible things about it, so I was a bit apprehensive. I also hate orange flavoring. The drink wasn’t too terrible, though. Sort of orange Gatorade mixed with flat (and a bit syrup heavy) orange soda. Definitely not something I’d ever drink for fun, but I wasn’t gagging or anything.

There it is. Sugary liquid orange...

There it is. Sugary liquid orange…

I drank the stuff at about 8am. Felt fine until 11:30am. Then all the wheels fell off. I was literally so crashed that I had difficulty recalling words/speaking. By 2:30pm, I was getting extremely worried looks at work, and an agent drove me home. It took me the rest of the afternoon/evening to start feeling closer to my usual humanity.

As usual, no news is good news for tests. M2 said I’d find out “very quickly” if I didn’t pass. I figure if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow night, I’m in the clear.

The subject of a student midwife was brought up. The “student” in question actually graduates this month. She’ll have to do a sort of…residency, I guess…for a few months until she has enough solo births under her belt, and then she’ll be a full midwife. M2 said the student has already been present at 80-100 births and is a great personality. I agreed to meet with her and take her on as a third midwife. (Luckily she has a name that is completely separate from all the rest of us. Makes things less confusing.)

The day after my Glucose Screen I wiped out on ice. This is going to sound so weird, but I really don’t fall down ever. (Over drinking days aside.) I trip, stumble, skid, etc, but not fall down. Even in Dance/Horseback riding I somehow usually managed to land on my feet, even during a real fall. (One of my old horseback riding instructors called it my “ungraceful” dismount on the go.) So for me to actually fall down, hands and knees, was quite literally shocking. Proof positive that my center of balance is shot to hell.

I stepped up onto a curb, and without any fanfare of arms windmilling or what have you, I was in cow pose staring at the ice below me. Rather than rolling onto my side like I’ve been trained to do, I didn’t hesitate to use my hands and knees to keep my belly from hitting the ground. It was pure instinct. Still, I panicked a bit that I might have caused some inadvertent harm. About the same moment I thought about Spawn, I received two very hard kicks. Clearly Spawn was like, “Settle down Mom! Stop being so crazy out there.” See, bossing me around already.  😉

In other news, we’ve got our prenatal classes starting next week. (2 in December, then a break for the Holidays, and then 2 in January.) Really looking forward to those. We’ve also booked a TEGH Tour the second week of January. Despite my wish not to end up there, it’s likely I will. And, at the end of the day, I’d much rather have the tour and know where things are then not and be all crazy trying to find things come birth.

I ordered all of Spawn’s nursery furniture this weekend (thanks Dad!), which is part of why you’ll be seeing nursery previews from yesterday until it’s actually completed. I’ll have my official real adult camera by then, and I’m looking forward to taking photos of everything completed. In the meantime I just have to complete everything. 😛

So besides that, I just have to get through MFH and my Christmas party this weekend, my office party next week…and all the other general Christmas/New Years craziness coming up. Then it will be mid-January, and I’ll be about a month away from being a mom.

Funny enough, every “you are X many weeks” email I got this week has assured me that I am likely in one of two camps. Either 1. I’m terrified of not being ready and want this whole thing to just slow down, please and thank you. Or 2. I feel like this is gone on long enough and I would like it to be over already.

I’m not feeling either of those, though. I am honestly happy to have Spawn keep cooking, no rushing needed. While things are going really freaking fast, I don’t feel like putting on the breaks and screaming wait!!!! I’m kinda good. Coasting, if you will. I’m not naïve enough to think that we’ve totally got this and it’s going to be easy. I am however, sane enough to realize that we can only plan so much. We’re going to be as prepared as any two people can be for parenthood.

The trick is just going to be figuring out how to be a parent. As my MIL said when we first announced our pregnancy, “Your lives will never be the same.”

Call me crazy, but that’s kind of what I’m looking forward to.


One thought on “2nd Trimester Roundup

  1. “I am however, sane enough to realize that we can only plan so much. We’re going to be as prepared as any two people can be for parenthood.”


    Glad to hear your pregnancy is going smoothly. Also, you will be amazed in the days after delivery when you realize, “Oh my gosh, it’s been 4 hours and I haven’t pee’d!”
    At least I was, haha. Best of luck with your last trimester!


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