Shit Just Got Real

Sorry about the title, I think I’m a bit over excited for the release of the cornetto trilogy. (If you have zero concept of what I’m talking about, don’t feel bad. I’m a nerd.)

So I preregistered for Toronto East General Hospital‘s Labor & Delivery yesterday. Even though ending up there is my backup choice, it’s not entirely out of the question.

After all, my first choice is the new (as yet still not operational) Toronto Birthing Centre. It only has 3 rooms, and those are split by every midwifery in the city. I have to advance to serious labor/transition before they’ll admit me…and I can only be admitted if the rooms aren’t occupied. The odds, in this case, are not in my favor.

I had my Gallbladder removed at the same hospital, so I’m familiar with it and I am comfortable there. I also find, and this really goes for any service-heavy industry, that as long as you act polite and generally positive people work their asses off for you.

The nurse at labor preregistration was no exception to this rule. She rolled her eyes at one of my forms that I had incorrectly filled out. “These are so stupid,” she told me, “No one files them out properly because the lines are all mixed up.” She took my OHIP card and my insurance cards and went to work filling out everything for me.

We chatted about the hospital being my back-up, and she told me that “A lot of people are doing home births now, so we end up being back-up for them as well.” I thought that was interesting. Home birth might be something I would be interested in doing in the future, but not for my first time, in our apartment with our dog. Just too much I don’t want to deal with. Still, it was surprising to me to hear a nurse literally on ground level talk about the prevalence of it.

I was amused by the sign posted on the desk: “If you’re in labor/bleeding, please advise a nurse immediately.” Perhaps because it was a Sunday afternoon and I was the only person there, but it seemed like something you wouldn’t have to work too hard to indicate. Like, if I had been in labor yesterday, I don’t think I’d have to say anything. 

I was also given a package of info for prenatal, natal, and postnatal care. One of the things she indicated was a 24/7 call number for labor nurses. Her words: “If you get a weird stitch and you’re just not sure if you should wake up your midwife at 3am, call us. We’ll let you know what to do.”

The whole event took me less than twenty minutes. Not too shabby.

But realizing that I’m at the point where I need to get into the Hospital’s database (ie far enough along that this “shit just got real”) was not the only “real” moment these past few days.

On Thursday I had a complete freak out and couldn’t stop crying for a good forty minutes. The initial tears came from a valid reaction. It was just the drawn out blubbering that made me feel as if I’d actually lost it. This was really the only moment this pregnancy that I’ve felt out of control of my emotions. I hated it.

Then Friday I noticed a couple of small red marks on my stomach. Some of it was allergies. I don’t know if it’s because I’m preggo or because the woman who lived in our place before us had a cat and that’s still lingering a bit, but my allergies have been taking themselves out on my skin rather than my sinuses. Anyways dealt with the ones that were allergy related. Then noticed that not all were moving or fading.

Well hello, stretch marks. I’ve been wondering when you were going to show up to the party.

I expected them to be higher, more vertical, and a hell of a lot bigger than they are. I would say I also expected more, but this shebang isn’t over yet. I’ve got one very fine, almost spider vein looking line on each side of my underbelly, that points in toward my belly button at about a 45* angle. They aren’t longer than two inches, and together with my belly button, remind me of the Eye of Providence. (Guys, Spawn’s an in-womb Freemason!)

The thing that is really starting to hit me, though, is that I have less then three months before my due date. Technically I’ll hit 3rd trimester this Sunday. That doesn’t discount the fact that I’m currently in my 7th month. I feel like time has flown by up to this point. Without even taking the Holidays into consideration, I can’t imagine that it’s going to slow down. Actually looking at the calendar, what with all our December events, New years, and all the craziness that goes along with it, I feel like this last trimester is going to move the fastest of them all.

With my birthday just days from Spawn’s due date, I’ve just now sort of clued in to the fact that I won’t be able to reasonably plan a birthday event this year. I’m a little sad about that, but I did make sure that I had a great big bash last year partly because I was fairly sure I’d be preggo for this one. I just don’t think it ever occured to me that I might actually get a baby as my birthday present.

Regardless, February is right around the corner. Shit just got real. 😛


7 thoughts on “Shit Just Got Real

  1. Gosh. I seriously can’t get over how similar our journeys have been during pregnancy! My bubs is also due within days of my own birthday (6 days to be exact). Sooo hope it hangs on in there and gets its own special day to celebrate every year. Can’t imagine sharing a birthday with mum!

    • I know it!

      Birthdays have always been HUGE in my family. Really only secondary to Christmas as far as celebrations. I’m hoping for at least a week between the two, but obviously I just want everyone to be alive at the end, so come what may, I’ll figure it out. :p

  2. I’m taking all my preregistration stuff in when I have my next, and probably last, obstetric medicine appointment. On Monday. I’ve also started rounding up all the crap I want to bring to the hospital, as in my mind any time after 32 weeks could be go time. I want him to wait until after my birthday, but like you, as long as everyone comes out breathing, I’ll be happy. We had plans to go skiing for a week for our 30th birthdays… S’not happening.

    • It’s funny how 30 weeks seems so much more “close” to me then anything before. I don’t know why that’s a magic number in my head, but I completely agree with you. At that point, you never know when they’re going to decide to make their arrival.

      All we can do is prepare as much as we can!
      (Happy birthday early, btw. In case I miss it otherwise.)


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