Winter is Coming (Or, alternatively: Ice, Ice, Baby)

I’ve always been a weird one when it came to weather. I hate the heat, and even the sun. My favorite beach days are overcast with a ton of wind. I like to go to amusement parks when there are rain clouds threatening all day. (Just threatening, mind you. Actual rain tends to equal closed down rides, and that’s not fun for anyone.)

In the South, at least where I’ve lived in the South, there are really only three seasons. From March until May you have Warm. June to August is Burn. Sept to November is back to Warm again. December to February is Cooler (sometimes even Cold).

For me, Cooler (or Cold) was always my favorite season. Hot city smells. Just walking around things smell. Cooler brought with it a certain crispness that smelled and felt wonderful. Houston has a really wet cold, which is not my favorite, but that’s what you get when you live in a city that used to be swampland. At least there are no mosquitos when it’s cold. Vegas’ Cold sometimes matches Toronto winters. (Deserts do interesting things with snow.)

Still, I’ve never loved Fall and Winter like I do here. People here grumble and scowl at winter, but they also celebrate it more than they’d readily admit. I am the first to agree that sloshing through old, wet snow blackened by the road is gross, but when the snow is dry and fresh it glitters more than any diamond. It’s quiet and beautiful, and nothing is a better background for Christmas lights.

My weather app is suggesting that I will see my first real snowfall this weekend. I technically saw snow last week. It was only little baby flurries and only for a minute or so, but I am not ashamed to say I did a little dance on the sidewalk when I saw it.

It came down after a date with one of my new preggo friends. AB is due a few days after me. We are alarmingly the same and get along extremely well considering we’d never met before the in person hook-up of our online birth club a few months ago. As I said to LC, it’s not like I’m going to “learn” anything by hanging out with her. We basically have identical feelings on pregnancy and raising kids. Still, I can’t imagine having one more person around for support (especially after birth) is a bad thing. We’re meeting up again (this time with a few more preggos I haven’t met) on Monday.

It’s funny seeing other women who are due basically the same time as me. Inevitably there is a bit of compare and contrast that goes on, but over all I feel like it mostly is just comforting to see the range of “normal.”

My normal has shifted a bit.

I’m having some issues sleeping that are mostly related to pee breaks. On a good night, I’m up once or twice. If it’s bad (like Monday), I’m up every three hours or so. I’m going to bed earlier, so I’m still getting a lot of sleep, but it’s never as nice if it’s broken up. I also wake up every so often to reposition from left side to right side. Once or twice I’ve had serious round ligament pain in my hips from this shift. It’s sharp and intense, but only lasts a breath or two. So I’m not sure if it’s related to all that, or just my getting closer to trimester 3, but I am starting to find myself really sleepy in the afternoons. Much moreso than I ever experienced with the first trimester. First trimester had me wanting to go to bed early. This has me wanting to take a long nap while at work. :/

Sort of related to that, is my newfound need to pee ALL THE TIME. Have you ever been seating around, drinking with your friends and feeling totally normal…then you stand up and are like whoa…waaay more alcohol effect then you noticed while seated? That’s my life now, except with needing to use the bathroom. I’m totally fine when seated. Then I stand up and feel like OMG need bathroom NOW! I guess that’s just what happens when you drink water like crazy and have a person standing on your bladder.

Another rather funny development has been Spawn’s movements. About a month ago, Spawn found a favorite place to hang out. Not sure if it was a head or foot or what, but it was right up under my boob/ribs on the left side. (Exactly the mirror image of where my gallbladder pain used to be.) It wasn’t a kick or anything, but a resting spot or something. It was a constant, really uncomfortable pressure. If I bent down while Spawn was in this spot, I’d get major pain across the trunk of my body.

I could get Spawn to move with an equal amount of pressure from the outside, but it would only last for a fairly short reprieve. Finally, frustrated and sore, I tried a trick I’d read about and used a cold pack on the spot. Worked like a charm, and Spawn hasn’t been back there since.


Perhaps in a bid to show me who’s boss, Spawn spent most of the next day (while I was at work) kicking me in the cervix. Steadily and incessantly. For around four hours, I felt like my cervix was hiccuping. (Doesn’t that sound lovely? Yep, felt about as good as you’d imagine.) LC joked that it was probably a lot harder to put an ice pack there. 😉

Since that day, Spawn has moved the kicking around to prettymuch anywhere in my belly. I think I’m starting to notice patterns, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

But getting back to the cold…

I tend to run hot. So does MFH. I think it’s a major reason that the two of us like cold weather more than warm. With being pregnant it’s hilariously worse. I actually have used the top of the bump as hand warmers for co-workers/friends I’m particularly comfortable with. They swear it’s the best way to warm up freezing hands.

It’s nice to be able to help, but having that soccer ball sized heater hanging out on my front is a bit…warm. I’m lucky if I make it through the night still wearing the pj pants I went to bed in. It’s also a contributing factor to why I haven’t bought a body pillow yet. And why our windows are wide open in freezing weather.

26 Week Bump

There’s my soccer ball sized uterus! Sorry about the unmade bed. : /  [25 wks + 5 days. I feel like I’m about six inches bigger today. 😛 ]

I can’t help but wonder if Spawn will run hot as well. If so, will my attempt at babywearing go very, very badly? I suppose I’ll have to cross that road when we get there.


2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming (Or, alternatively: Ice, Ice, Baby)

  1. hahaha….just embrace your bladder….figuratively i mean! it will remind you it’s there forever and ever cos it’s been pressed for 9 months and it’s peeved (my theory). but it’s not all bad. you just get used to accommodating it and you will…. xoxo


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