I don’t think I’ve ever been shy about talking about how lucky/blessed I am. Having said that, I try to watch how I talk about it. I never want to alienate people away from me, and I know how “everything is always perfect for me, always” can be so off putting. (Not that everything is actually always perfect. Just that most of the time I really have zero to complain about.)

But this time, all bets are off…

Yesterday, Canadian’s across the country celebrated a day of Thanks. As weird as it is for me to have Thanksgiving in October (and no real talks of pilgrims and indians), after eight years celebrating it here I’ve sort of figured it out. Of course, having more than one family to visit and eat with has been an almost exclusively Canadian experience for me. Certainly I would stop by friends’ houses (or they would stop by mine) growing up, but it was never to share Thanksgiving with them. More just to see friends when I was off school.

With MFH, we try to visit his family/mother’s side and my family/mother’s side. It’s always a bit crazy and complicated because there tends to be hour(s) of driving from one venue to another. Still, we do our best because we really do want to see everyone.

I’m thankful most of the time. I really am. It was funny how this year, there was a whole other layer of thankful though. Spawn isn’t just something for MFH and me to be thankful for and celebrate. Spawn is something that both our families celebrate as well.

My families shared (completely not scary) stories of birth and the early days after labor. They shared with me their excitement for having Spawn become a part of our greater family dynamic. For those that know, they shared with me their excitement for Spawn’s gender. (Excitement that would have been just as much, I feel, had it been the other as well.) My tummy was rubbed more this past weekend than it had been thus far in my pregnancy. And, perhaps weirdest of all, I was totally okay with that.

Possibly the biggest excitement for me this weekend was a particularly active Spawn on Friday night. Whether settling in for the night or just happily somersaulting, Spawn was doing a lot of spinning close to the front of my stomach. I grabbed MFH’s hand and pushed him into my belly. At first he just shook his head, but then his eyes flashed and he smiled. He felt Spawn. It was just a little bit, but still. I moved his hand again, and he caught one more flip before Spawn settled.

It was just one more thing to be thankful for in a very long, very drawn out list. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, for all those far and near. I’m thankful that I have been lucky/blessed enough to have a healthy baby happily growing inside me.

I’m thankful that I always have enough to eat, and that I’m at a point in my personal journey where I don’t hate myself for eating. I’m so thankful that I have a roof over my head and a place to sleep with the only person I ever want to wake up next to.

I’m thankful that I have met (whether online or in person) a plethora of women (and men!) who are so generous with their wisdom and experiences. I’m thankful every day when I look at my Stats and realize that another person, from another corner of the world, has somehow found my ramblings…and I’m even more thankful when I watch them return again and again to read along with me.

I’m thankful for those who think like I do, and just as thankful for those who don’t. I am angered, challenged, and sometimes even taught by those differing opinions.

Most of all, I am so thankful for our wonderful mixture of imperfections and perfections. For the ability to learn, grow, sympathize, and defend. For the blazing support that can span countries and languages to wrap up someone who needs just the simple comfort of a hug.

So thank you. For reading, commenting, emailing, or just stopping by. I truly hope that I have given you even a sliver of the kindness you have given me.







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