Midpoint Roundup


Can you believe I’m officially halfway through this pregnancy? From now on, I’m closer to having a baby then I am to pre-pregnancy! (Assuming all goes well and I go to 40 weeks or less, of course.)

I haven’t really done any weekly update type posts, but I thought it might be fun to have one at the midpoint and then another just before my due (guess) date if I go that far. So without further ado…

20 Weeks Preggo

140 days left until Estimated Delivery Date

Spawn is approximately 6.5 inches from head to butt and weighs about 10.6 oz. 

Symptoms: Tired more easily than normal. Less stamina than normal. Starting to get more difficult to bend/get down and jump back up. The Belly has become it’s own feature. Minor skin issues (breakouts and dry/rash patches on my neck plus itchy belly/boob skin). Movement, but no kicks yet. Overall, I feel like I have zero to complain about.

Cravings: Ice Cold Water, Blood Oranges (and all things flavored with blood orange juice), Turkey Burgers from the Works, Chipotle Chicken Burritos, Sour/Vinegar. I’m much more tolerant of hot spice than I normally would be, although it’s still not my favorite feeling in the world to have my lips burning off my face. Nothing all that crazy, and nothing that I’ve felt like I HAVE TO HAVE NOW!

Food Aversions: Besides the things I never liked in the first place, I have a couple things that really gross me out. The first being any sort of fake/synthetic taste. I usually love Jelly Bellys, but have found a lot of their flavors intolerable now that I’m preggo. The other thing is anything over the top sweet. Well made chocolates or sour gummies are fine, but everything from swedish fish to Cadbury eggs just taste like awful to me these days. I assume this is my body’s way of telling me to avoid crap.

Maternity or Regular Clothes: Both, but I tend to enjoy my mat clothes more than my regular ones. I feel like they make me look preggo, where the regular ones are tailored more to make me look boxy/heavy. So far I’ve managed to hang on to my normal shoe size. I can’t really say why, but I’ve always been rather fond of my tiny feet. I’ve done quite a bit of terrible things to them (thank you, pointe) and they’ve always managed to hold together. We shall see if pregnancy defeats them.

Stretch Marks: I should preface this by saying two things. The first is I’m one of those people naturally prone to stretch marks. I have had stretch marks on my inner thighs from about nine years old (Riding horses and dance give you some awesome thigh muscles fast, even as a child). Second is I’ve been using an organic Cocoa/Shea butter and oil mix for over a month now on my stomach. Right, so that’s outta the way… I have some deep purple/blue stretch marks on my boobs, on the upper outsides (arm pit sides). As I’m up at least one cup size (and probably two) and wasn’t small to begin with, I’m not super surprised. I am, however, without anything on my hips/stomach/sides. It will be completely surprising if I get nothing around there for the rest of this journey, but maybe I’ll get lucky? I wish I’d started with my magic cream earlier on my boobs and kept them strapped down in a sleep bra even after they stopped hurting, I just sort of forgot that might be an issue.

Belly Button Status: I have a super deep belly button normally. Like, scary deep. I had to use almost all of my pinky to get it properly clean. This was made even more so after my gall bladder surgery (they used it as an access point). I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the “pop out” a la a turkey timer, but my belly button has definitely expanded and flattened.

Names: It’s funny, because I’m fairly open about this in person. And I’ve already got the huge secret of gender to keep on here. Even though we have our boy and girl name picked out, I donno, I’d really rather keep the preferred names off here for the time being. I’d just really like the first time Spawn’s name goes up on the web to be after he/she’s born.

Rings: My engagement ring is a 1/4 size larger than my wedding band. I can technically get both on, but unless I’m super cold, I worry about getting my wedding band off. It’s a little weird, because I used to never take it off, even though I took off my engagement ring before bed. Luckily my wedding ring is a very slim, plain band, so it’s difficult to notice it’s gone when I wear my bigger, sparkly engagement ring. The engagement ring I’ve had no problems getting on and off.

Best Moment so Far: This has to be a toss up between four different moments:

  1. Hearing the heartbeat/seeing The Spawn for the first time.
  2. Feeling Spawn move, and then realizing that I was feeling my baby for the first time.
  3. Finding out whether I’ve got a He-Spawn or a She-Spawn on my hands.
  4. Seeing MFH’s face as he realized that I was intentionally using alternating pro-nouns whenever I talk to him about Spawn. Is it a he or a she? I’m not telling!! (I’m not sure what’s worse. That I started doing this at all to him, or that I’ve stopped now that he’s caught on. Guys, I think I might be evil.)

Looking Forward to: Besides actually seeing Spawn outside me, I think I’m most looking forward to kicks/movement MFH can feel too. A very close second, though, is seeing all my loved ones with Spawn. The idea of my family/MFH’s family and our friends holding our very own creation is pretty damn powerful.

So that’s the roundup. I will get into this more in depth a little later in the month, but I do want to say a quick thank you. To my family, friends, followers and fellow bloggers. I honestly feel like getting here was so much easier (and more enjoyable) with you. The advice, encouragement, and just plain awesomeness has done nothing but good things for me (and Spawn). Looking forward to the next 20 weeks together.


One thought on “Midpoint Roundup

  1. Even after three births, my belly button never popped, it just got flat. I guess that is good though, kept people from poking my belly button!
    Congrats on halfway to holding Spawn in your arms! 🙂 🙂 It is a moment that will change your life forever!


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