Bumpity, Bump Bump

My bump sort of crept up on me. I literally feel like a couple weeks ago, I was like, “Huh, look, it’s starting to bump up.” Now, all of a sudden, there’s no “starting” about it.

It happened at the office on Monday. I was happily working away [read: frantically trying to finish a major project] when I happened to drip some condensation from my water onto my lap. Then I looked down and realized my lap no longer looks how I remember it looking…

Sitting Preggo Bump

Why hello there…

I was so shocked I sent the above photo to my Mom and LC.

I’ve noticed that the clothes I wear, food I eat, and even the amount of fluid in my body drastically changes the overall shape of the bump. It makes sense, as I basically have a heavily reinforced water balloon full of Spawn hanging out in there. Still, it’s interesting to me to see it change.

I’m assuming that, as I tick closer and closer to my due (guess) date, I’ll maintain more of a consistency with my shape. After all, Spawn will soon drastically take over.

Sleep is starting to get weirder and weirder for me. Not sure if it’s the dreams or the movement or a combo therein, but I find myself in more REM sleep and yet somehow also more tired. The nightly/early morning pee is thoroughly annoying, but I can’t go to bed thirsty or I won’t fall asleep at all.

The dreaming is intense, though. As someone who dreamt a lot before I got pregnant, I sort of brushed off all the dream talk from preggos. Most of them seemed to never really dream (or at least remember dreaming) before they got pregnant, so I had a hard time relating to what they were saying. My dreams have always been strong, deeply dimensional, and usually with at least a bit of a plot to them. They were often pretty enjoyable movies. Simple, 2D movies. Now they’re full-on Avatar in 3D. There’s an extra texture to them that wasn’t there before.

I did have a pretty cool dream the night before last, though, that involved Spawn outside of my body. It was the first dream I’ve had where I haven’t been pregnant, but actually a Mom to a little one. I was carrying Spawn wrapped in a big white blanket around this HUGE house. He/She was about the size of a 10 month old. Here’s hoping it’s a bit of deja vu, and we’ll win the lottery and be in our dream home before Spawn’s one. 😛

More often than not, though, I wake up thinking, “So that was odd.”

This morning, while having such a thought, I was rubbing my belly and noticed it felt rather round. I darted off to the mirror and contorted to see. Sure enough, today it seems I have a proper bump.


19 weeks + 5 days

Don’t ever say I never post belly pictures! (I apologize for the state of my house in that shot. With the moving we have everything everywhere. I’m not usually that messy.) This picture is also a really good example of why I really like maternity wear. My legs/butt basically look normal, and the cut/ruching of the striped shirt gives me definition. It’s so simple, but It makes me happy.

But! The Belly! That sure looks like a bump to me. An almost halfway point bump no less. I expect to get pointier as days go by…

I’ll post a Midpoint round-up on Sunday. Until then I hope everyone has a really fantastic weekend!



4 thoughts on “Bumpity, Bump Bump

  1. I love this post! During first trimester, I always looked soooo pregnant by the end of the day, after eating. 😉 And now, at 28 weeks, I still do a double-take when I see myself in the mirror–who is that pregnant lady??? 🙂


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