Gender Predictors

I woke up yesterday feeling a bit weird. Not anything physical, just as if a mental sort of alert button had been pushed on. This got more extreme as I left the house and meandered to my bus stop. I spotted a cab slowly driving up towards the stop, and thought, “I should totally take a cab to work today.”

Of course, I didn’t. Mostly because cabs cost money. (Not that public transit doesn’t, but MFH and I prepay for that monthly, so it’s a done deal.) I also never carry cash unless I’m going somewhere I know I’ll need it, and a lot of cabs still don’t have debit machines.

Anyways, I carried on my merry way to the subway and on to the next bus that would bring me to work. I sat down, opened my Kobo, and continued on in my (not sure how many times) re-read of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I was about at the point of my daily journey where I would sort of open my ears a bit more and vaguely pay attention to the stop announcements. I heard an unfamiliar street and instantly my alert button started flashing and honking.

Sure enough, I had blindly stumbled onto the wrong bus. I was about a 20 min walk from any public transit that would help me get to work. So I got off, and took the bus going back the direction I came until I hit a cross street that actually helped me. I was a full half-hour late for work.

I should have taken the damn cab.

Basically this is just one case to represent my general point; I have amazing intuition. I get “feelings” about things all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with me. I had a dream that Duchess Kate went into labor the day before she did.

Deja vu and I have played games my whole life.

I’ll randomly get an old acquaintance in my head, then find out that they’re in town for business or pleasure. I trust when something doesn’t feel right, that it probably isn’t.

And that’s part of what’s so funny to me about this baby gender thing; I have zero intuition about Spawn’s sex.

I honestly don’t have the slightest idea. He or She is just keeping mum about the whole thing, I guess.

The closer I creep towards my anatomy scan, the more excitement I have over finding out. Then again, I’m panicked that either 1. Spawn will hate Ultrasound two as much as he/she hated the first one and we won’t see anything or 2. What happened to my good friend EW will happen to me. (She was told she was having a girl…twice…and ended up with a boy at delivery. SURPRISE!)

I was also hoping to do something really fun for my mom…maybe send her pink or blue flowers or a cupcake or something, but it occurred to me that not many places are going to offer (reasonable) delivery same day. It’s not like I can wait a day, because she knows the day I’m going and might actually fly to Canada if I ignore her texts/emails/calls for a day to get flowers sent over.

I’m still working on a digital option…Pinterest don’t fail me now!

Anyways, so hopefully Monday we will find out that Spawn has all the proper parts in the proper amounts, and whether we have Baby C or Baby D to welcome into the world come February.

In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to go over various “old wives’ tales” regarding gender and see if we have a favorite. (I’ve had several friends suggest I start taking bets…which would be easier if MFH wasn’t planning to stay in the dark until birth day.)

I find some of the old wives tales hilarious. While others are just plain weird. (Have you guys heard of the Drano one?)

There’s also a lot of if you’re wide or short or purple (not really) or whatever, it means this or that. I have to assuming that carrying wide would be a lot more common on my torso (at 5’ 2 & 3/4”) than, say on LC (at 6’). Besides that, I’ve always been “wider” even when I was super thin. I had a great hourglass shape…but only when I turned sideways, thanks to the boobs and butt. From the front or back I was fairly without a waist.

One thing that I argue with constantly is the girls steal your beauty (acne) and boys make your palms dry and feet cold. I had both of those things before I got pregnant, so I really can’t see how having both of those things now means anything at all.

I know for certain that I’m not having twins, so I can’t be having both a boy and a girl…unless of course we get into hermaphroditism or chimerism and that seems a little extreme. Okay, really extreme.

So lets assume that Spawn is a properly parted tiny human, and check out what the “experts” have to say…

Girl vs Boy

Let the battle begin!

Chinese Gender Chart
This one is based on your Chinese lunar age at the time you got pregnant and the Chinese lunar month in which you were born. There’s a really easy generator for you here.

This one goes that what side of your hands you show when someone asks to see your hands can determine the gender. Palms up is girl, down is boy. The thing is, unless I’m getting a palm reading the only time anyone has asked to see my hands, they’ve wanted to either see my rings or my nails. So…why would I ever show my hands sunny side up?

What Do You Think?
I’ve seen stats saying that Moms are right up to 71% of the time. I think that’s probably high, and it’s closer to the 50% you’d expect, but it makes the fact that I have no idea even funnier to me. (Picking one just for the heck of it feels like cheating.) Just because I’m not getting any clear ideas, though, doesn’t mean no one else has. I’ve overwhelmingly been told by others that they think I’ve got a Girl-Spawn.

Morning Sickness
I think this is pretty horrible. It’s right up there with the correlation between having no morning sickness and miscarriage. (I’m sorry, I just have a gigantic problem with that stat and how it’s organized and used.) But, since it’s so common, here we go… If you can’t stop throwing up, you’ve got yourself a girl. Little to nothing means boy.

Fetal Heart rate
This has actually been medically proven to be inaccurate. Still, it persists on more or less every baby board I’ve ever been on. Heart rate 140 or over = girl, under 140 = boy.

Mayan Prediction
I’m amused that I never really heard of this until the new cycle of the long Mayan Calendar became massively misunderstood by a bunch of uninformed people to mean the end of the world was coming. Anyways, since it’s trendy I shall share. Mayans determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.

Carrying high/low
If you carry high (a lot of belly above your button) the “wise ones” say you’ve got a girl growing. If you’re low, it’s a boy. I could see believing in this one, because it seems very “science” that your uterus placement might be affected by an X or Y chromosome. Sadly, this is not science at all.

This is another one that seems legit at first glance, and then makes less and less sense the more you think about it. If you’re craving sour things, you’ve got a boy on your hands. Sweet things means a girl is on her way. My mother’s only craving while pregnant with me was grapefruit. This is interesting to me for two reasons; the first being I LOATHE the taste of grapefruit and the second being my only major “craving” has been for blood oranges.

If you’ve been keeping track, you know that that leaves me with exactly a 50-50 chance of having a boy or a girl. So…super helpful, right? 😛

Only three more sleeps before I’ll (probably) know for sure. So I guess that also means this is probably the last time I talk about gender on here. Oh, that’s not true. For sure I’ll still have my little rants about equality and what not. I mean, that’s a huge part of who I am. But the Spawn’s gender, at least, will no longer be discussed.

And unfortunately, because MFH is a follower, I won’t be making the big announcement on here on Monday. Still, I have no doubt that we’ll still have loads to talk about so hopefully you’ll stay on board.

See you on the flip side…


2 thoughts on “Gender Predictors

  1. We tried every old wives tale we could find and the vast majority pointed to girl – success! We also tried the drano one – she stayed well away from the fumes – and holy cow, I wouldn’t do that again. Drano and urine went everywhere with the most awful fumes!

  2. Hope your scan goes well and your little one isn’t too camera shy!
    I had a feeling I was having a boy and got it confirmed at my 16 and 20 week scans.
    I tried some of the old wives’ tales there to predict gender and funnily enough the majority all point towards boy in my case 🙂 probably just a silly coincidence though haha


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