16 Week Musings

So I had my latest appointment with M1 today.

We got back the results of our NT scan, all my  blood work, and urine test. I really wasn’t concerned, because if there had been issues, I would have gotten a call before now. Still, it was nice to hear that we were in the lowest risk category for Down’s Syndrome, that I don’t have any diseases, and all my blood levels are “really good.” I also got to hear the heartbeat again…this time way higher on my stomach, which gels with my feeling that my uterus is moving upwards.

Oh, my due date (or “guess date” if that’s more your flavor) got a bit of an adjustment as well. Instead of Spawn being due a day within my birthday (Feb 26), Spawn is due on the 23rd. Hence the shinny new counter up there on the right. According to M1, we may adjust the date again after my next (and in theory my last) ultrasound.

This is the one where all the parts of the Spawn are inspected for abnormalities. (Or even better normalities, I guess.) It’s also when we (well, I) will find out if Spawn is a He-Spawn or a She-Spawn. I wasn’t able to get it scheduled today, but it’ll be sometime the end of this month. I have to say, I’m weirdly thrilled.

Almost as thrilled as I am to have (perhaps) the first initial perceptions of Spawns movements. I don’t really notice it unless I’m drifting into or out of sleep, so it may be psychosomatic. I get this…light swooshing feeling. Like the feeling you get when someone pushes their hand underwater near you in a pool or something similar and you feel the lapping wave. Except it’s coming from behind my bump. Is it Spawn or just some undigested bit of dinner? I’m honestly not sure. Regardless, I should be getting some good solid kicks soon enough, so nothing to complain about really.

The new-place hunting isn’t going as well as I would like. Although, having said that I’m looking at a huge space tomorrow. Fingers crossed, I’ll walk in and love it. I’m so over the top needing to nest, it’s a bit crazy. I want space, I want things in their place, and I want to know how the three of us (well, four…sorry Puppin, forgot about you for a sec) are all going to fit in together.

My wonderful assistant mentioned today that he’s trying to absorb my irrational need to organize. I tried explaining how it’s not an option for me, it’s literally the only way I know how to function without digressing into doorknob tapping and step-counting. I imagine that nesting for someone like me is sort of a compounded bit of crazy. Not only must I put away all the clothing…I must do it colour coded and by length of sleeve. (Shut up, I’ve been doing that since junior high.) But now…I feel like I need to have nothing at all extra in my closet. Like a shirt I’ve been hanging onto because it has a great memory behind it, or has a funny slogan on it. I got rid of so much stuff the other day…just because I couldn’t stand to have it taking up space in my life any more. I see no end in sight, I’m just hoping MFH stops me from tossing anything I’ll regret losing after I wake up in a few months with an infant. :p

Toronto has taken a turn on me, going from 50s to 90s (Fahrenheit) in the same week.  Just to remind me that it is still technically summer, I suppose. It had me taking a freezing shower last night after overheating at the Blue Jays game. I was nearly panicked, as the combo of heat and dehydration had my uterine stretches feeling as if they were closer to contractions. Thankfully, the cold shower, a full glass of ice water, some humming, and tummy rubbing seemed to calm things right down.

Which brings up another funny thing. I realize that I’m starting to sing/hum to Spawn. I’m not sure if it’s to calm Spawn down or calm me down, but either way it amuses me that my go-to is my voice. I haven’t done much in the way of talking to the little human growing in my belly, but singing…well, that seems far less silly to me somehow.

Of course what I’ve been singing/humming to Spawn is EXTREMELY silly.

It’s this:


One thought on “16 Week Musings

  1. I’ve just stared to feel little pops at the bump too!! Isn’t it the coolest thing? I am thinking I can’t wait til bubs gets bigger and it’s more obvious…then again, I’m a little scared of that too!! x


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