1st Trimester Round Up

There seems to be a lot of debate about when your second trimester starts. Week 12…13…14? They all have their champions. I, personally, considered myself second trimester halfway through 12, because of the lowered risks, etc.

Still, I figured I’d actually wait for the official crossover into week 14 before posting the round up.

Nice knowing ya!

Nice knowing ya!

Wow. Can y’all believe I’m 14 weeks? I certainly cannot. I remember posting at 4 or 5 weeks and letting everyone know that I had indeed “catched” and that seems like a couple weeks ago. Not 10.

I have to say that trimester uno wasn’t really all it could have been. I didn’t throw up. I wasn’t constantly nauseous. I was super tired. And the boobs. Oh, man…I thought I understood the sore boob thing, because I get it monthly, but no, I did not. Pregnancy boobs had me in bras pretty much unless I was in the shower. As a girl who likes some breathing room, that was a very weird feeling. But at least the constant strapping down helped (and I recommend it to anyone suffering the same way. I know it seems counter intuitive, but I truly helped me so much).

I saw the Spawn in fuzzy black and white for the first time this trimester. I also heard the heartbeat. Both wonderful ways to end part 1 of 3.

I have yet to wear maternity clothes, but thanks to my Mom (visiting up from Houston) I now have several pieces at my disposal. They are all good work-appropriate clothing that can crossover into weekend clothing without much issue.

Mom, G’ma, and I went to a Babies R Us with a Thyme Maternity in it. This was double awesome, as Mom really wanted to take me maternity clothes shopping, and I was desperate to narrow down my massive stroller choices. Having three generations of women with all our mixed experience and focuses was surprisingly necessary. I’d look at something and think, oh, this is good. Then Mom would point something out and completely change my mind. Or G’ma…sometimes even  me. I knew I really wanted a travel system (where the car seat just clips into the stroller and all of it comes together), but it’s really difficult to get an idea of what’s what when you’re looking online.

For the stroller we ended up really liking the Britax B-agile Travel System and another one that looked like the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System, except the front wheel was out further. I guess you can tell which one I ended up picking, but it was going the other way for the longest time. I mean, the non-Britax had bigger air-filled tires which totally would have rocked in the snow. It also had an ENORMOUS basket underneath. It didn’t fold as well (or as small) as the Britax, but I still thought it might be a better product.

Then, as if we had staged it, a woman strolled by with the very same non-Britax stroller. My mother, being awesome, immediately disappeared after her. She came back shaking her head. “She has to take the front wheel off to fit it in her trunk, and then she’s got almost nothing left for bags. She says it’s way too big and liked her first stroller so much better.”

The choice of the Britax System was made sweeter when Amazon.com decided to drop the price by $100. (I know there is a lot of hate on for Amazon, but I have a hard time agreeing with most of the anger. I don’t see why I (or in this case, my Mom) should give a massive baby store like Toys R Us $450 rather than $299 to Amazon. It’s not like they’re going to lose sleep over that one sale. And when I want cool, unique items, I check local mom and pops (or esty) before I run to the mammoth Amazon. But I’m getting waaaay off topic here.)

I also signed up with online baby registry BabyList. They give you a little browser button and every time you see an item you like, you click the button and get a pop up with the image and info of the item. (Almost identical to the Pinterest “pin it” button.) You edit as desired and BOOM! It’s now on your registry. It’s great for me because I have people all over who might like to get a little something for the Spawn. If they wanna go to Babies R Us, they can. If they’d rather have something online shipped to me, they can do that as well. I did something similar (but not half as well organized) for my wedding, and I found it worked great.

The biggest thing, for me, though, was telling the owner of my company that I’m pregnant. I was so terrified of disappointing her, there were even a few tears. But I stressed myself all out for nothing. She was amazing. Basically telling me that yes, I absolutely would be terribly missed, but I had every right to be a mother and take the time owed to me. Now that it’s over it seems ridiculous that I was so nervous about it.

Isn’t what they always say, though? The anticipation of a thing is worse than the thing itself?

And, funnily enough, that’s sort of exactly how 1st Trimester is ending for me. I expected so much upheaval in my life – both privately and professionally. None of that really happened. It reminds me how blessed (or if that sentiment offends you, how lucky) I am.

I want you all to know how thankful I am that you have followed along, commenting, emailing, and even chatting with me about all of this. It makes me feel so centred reading and listening to your own stories. Sometimes you need a little reminder that as big as your problems/worries are, there is a great big world out there full of people who have it worse, and better, and just the same as you.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. :p


5 thoughts on “1st Trimester Round Up

  1. I’m also in my 2nd trimester now, and ery much welcome all the “honeymoon” experiences and nesting that it may bring! I also have yet to narrow down my stroller choices… its quite daunting actually! But I agree – its great when you can get advice from others who have the stroller you’re considering! Best wishes with everything!

  2. Yay! The dreaded first trimester conquered 😀 I was pooping my pants about telling my boss too: I’d found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after starting. Bad timing! He too was lovely about it! But, then he let me go a week later because he had intended me to cover a girl who’d be going in maternity leave in October, and with me leaving too, that wasn’t going to work for him. I just had to be gracious about it. Being a law firm, I’m sure he covered all his bases and found some kind of loop whole in which he could fire me without getting in trouble; i was on probation still. Secretly, I was a bit relieved! The job was so awful!! Ha ha :p Oh well! Back to the drawing board now to see if I can find a 6 month job before bubs comes 😀 xx


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