Week 10 Musings

Going to preface this with a quick TMI warning. Read on at your own risk…

I was feeling really odd this week. I literally kept shrugging it off and thinking, “ah, I must finally feel pregnant. This kinda sucks.”

That was until I had a very bloody trip to the bathroom. (Just to be clear, I never had a moment of thinking it was a miscarriage. The blood was very obviously not coming from that area at all…)

Went to the walk-in clinic directly across the street from my office on my lunch. After the doc questioned my decision to use a midwife (doc was a much older male, btw), he went on to check me out. You know what is never pleasant? People putting things in places you’ve never actually seen. But, I digress.

Doc’s instincts were that I had an infection (like e coli), but the idea of me having colitis was also bandied about.

I was put on liquids for 24 hours (and let me tell you the Spawn LOVED those 24 hours). If problems persisted, I would have to “get scoped.” Mmm, doesn’t that sound pleasant?  Luckily my broth, juice, and jello worked and it eventually cleared everything up.

Angry Kumquat

One of my preggo sites informed me that the Spawn is the size of a Kumquat. They forgot to mention how angry Spawn is….

I’m back to feeling basically normal and not really pregnant…


Can I just tell you all that I’m feeling like I’m about three days from showing? My body has gone from bloated, to lumpy, to…well, whatever it’s doing now. Which is more or less making me look like I have a weird weight distribution, especially when my bladder is full. Yet my clothes still fit. I’m so confused…

I can’t pull in my core muscles as well as I used to, and my pelvis is tipping forward more often than not. Years of Dance and Horseback Riding have me constantly correcting my alignment. In ballet, we called it putting your hips perpendicular to the floor.  In riding, the imagery was to have your tailbone touch the horse’s spine at a perfect 90* angle. Either way, I’m having to make a conscious effort to not stand with my back bowed and butt sticking out.

I just keep thinking that I’m only 10+ weeks pregnant. What am I going to do when I’m 30+ weeks? Hopefully, prenatal yoga and my own efforts will prevent me from becoming completely swaybacked.  I might actually breakdown and finally allow someone I don’t know to touch me long enough to get a massage.

We shall see…

In Ontario, we have a Civic Holiday on Monday. Besides that just generally being awesome, it also means that I’ll only have four work days before heading off to the cottage for a week. The combination of those two things is making me a little over excited.

The fact that my second midwife appointment and first Ultrasound will be taking place in the middle of cottage week is only added to the energy. Finally I’ll see the Spawn, even if it’s only in squiggly black and white.

Which also means that I’ll be telling work when I get back from the cottage week. (Assuming, of course, that the Spawn is okay.) I’m so mixed up about that, I can hardly figure out a coherent way to write about it.

On the one hand, I’m excited to share the news. Trying to be all secretive about all this is not my strong suit. I would much rather have let everyone know as soon as I told my family and close friends. Plus the people at my work are not jerks, and I’d like them to know.


Ugh…I just started working here in June. It sucks so bad that I find a job I ADORE at the same time I get pregnant. Still, I wouldn’t want to take either of those things away. It’s just the thought of being gone for a year (Canada allows me 50 weeks of maternal/parental leave), when I won’t have actually been here for a year.

I know legally they can’t do anything, but that doesn’t really cover disappointment and bad feelings. Hopefully, I can avoid both.

All in all, I really can’t complain. My pregnancy has been easy-peasy so far, and I have finally come to a point where I’m thankful for that, rather than guilty I’m not puking every other minute like some. We’ll see what the last of the first trimester has in store for me…


4 thoughts on “Week 10 Musings

  1. Prenatal yoga does wonders! Not only does it help pregnancy aches and pains, but it makes labor soooo much easier! You learn what feels good to you and become super in tune with your body (sounds like you are good on that note). Sorry for the tummy issues.

  2. As a former dancer/martial artist/person with a person trainer for a brother, the pelvic thing is driving me nuts, too. I started showing at eight weeks (I know, it’s crazy), and not standing like some sort of water fowl has been so hard. I second the yoga. It’s really been relieving pressure in my spine, and it feels like it’s been working to keep Fetus off my bladder some.

    Have fun at your first ultrasound! I was such a bundle of nerves the whole time, but it was amazing. Also, sorry for the comment spamming, but I’m kind of in love with your blog.

    • Thanks man! I’m certainly having a great time writing it and meeting others in the blogosphere.

      I never mind the comments. So far I’ve been free from nasties, and it’s nice to hear another person’s perspective.

      Plus I’m fairly quick to comment on other boards (if I can also be free from nastiness…sort of hard in some cases as I tend to have a hate on for nearly all forms of prejudice). So, really, tit for tat.


  3. i know i just said this on your other post but i love how similar we sound. it’s such a relief that i’m not the only one who thinks the way i think about the miracle of birth lol!!


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