The Harry Potter Thing

For a lot of my young adult life, I more or less got away with being a nerd. I acted/danced, and was close enough to goodlooking that no one really bothered to wonder if I’d rather watch Star Wars rather than 90210.

For the longest time, all anyone knew was that I read…a lot. And while reading a lot might not have been strictly a habit shared with my hipper contemporaries, it wasn’t so far out of the realm of “normal” that anyone really cared. Until they came to my house and commented on the shear amount of books on my selves. But still, I got away with this quirk without much more than an eye raise or two.

But that was just people I knew. My close friends and family find infinite humour in the fact that I’m as likely to obsess about a new Louboutin as I am about the newest breakthrough in DNA. The eclectic taste is a through thread in my life. What I watch, what I read, my interests…they’re all over the board. It’s easier to talk about things I’m not interested in, then get into everything I am interested in.

My love of all things science and my very specific obsessions with certain genre books/movies was (and occasionally still is) meet with amusement by my friends and family. Even MFH had his moment when we first started dating. He’s mostly over it, I think, but that’s only because we’re so similar in our tastes.

He found this online not long ago, and presented it to me with a massive grin on his face:

I laughed, agreeing, but also stipulating that Daddy was no better.

That’s the great thing about MFH and I. With obvious exceptions, we mostly complement each other with our temperaments. And then there’s the book thing…

I mentioned already that I’m a massive reader? Well MFH is the only person I’ve ever met who could keep up with me. We met working at a bookstore. He now works for a humongous publishing house. Our house is basically held together with books. If people used to comment that I had, “a lot of books,” now they walk in and say something like, “Holy F***, you guys have a lot of books.”

Our collection of movies is hardly better.

There are a few series or stand-alone titles that MFH and I try to watch/read at least once a year. Not many of those titles overlap. Harry Potter, however, is one that does.

Back when Potter fever was just hitting North America, I was completely uninterested in the books. Kids books about magic? Wow, I’m 18 and have better things to do with my time. I also have issues with reading something just because it’s popular…but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway long story shorter, I came home from my first long break at University for Christmas. My mother informed me that I would be seeing the Harry Potter movie because I was part of the family and everyone was going. I’m sure I gave an eye roll or two at this news, but it was a long time ago so I’m not swearing to anything.

Also at that time, I often suffered with insomnia. Staying awake for days is only something I’ve managed to kick in the last five years or so. Regardless, back then the insomnia was in full force. I’d always made a point to read a book before seeing its movie version. I figured I’d start book one of Harry Potter, bore myself to sleep, and kill two birds with one stone.


I was halfway through book two before I feel asleep — sometime around 4am. Needless to say, I was hooked. I read everything that was out at the time. Then religiously reread the series before the next book came out. It was what I picked up whenever I found my local bookstore lacking inspiration. Even now that they’re all out and done, I reread the series at least once a year.

Once such reread happened while Universal Studios announced the opening of their Wizarding World of Harry Potter section in Islands of Adventure. MFH had asked me to marry him the March prior, and joked with me that, “that’s where we’re Honeymooning, isn’t it?” The idea had never occurred to me.

Until he put it into my head of course. 😉

So off to Florida we went. To swim with dolphins, cheer at dueling piano bars, and ride the rides of Universal’s theme parks. And yes, to play in Harry’s world. We drank butterbeer and pumpkin juice. (And waaaay too many hurricanes, but that wasn’t technically in the park.) We brought home postcards stamped at the owl post and a scroll full of wizard’s wands. Still have a half eaten package of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

But it’s not like we run around wearing wizard’s robes or playing quidditch on the weekends. (Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with either of those things. I’m just trying to put things into perspective here.) We have a deep appreciation for Harry Potter.

Which is why the Spawn is going to be surrounded by the colours of Hogwarts, and the imagery of Harry Potter. It’s not just a fun way to decorate a room. (Although, all you have to do is look at my HP Nursery Board on Pinterest to see it’s also a fun way to decorate a room.) It’s a theme that has so much meaning for us. How better for our new most important person to start his/her life?

One last little gem, for all you other Harry Potter nerds out there:


3 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Thing

  1. Love love LOVE the HP idea – I particularly like the lumos / nox lightswitch and the pretty starry backlighting. And the tree, the hanging hats, the patronus, the quotes… yeah, ok, I love all of it. Good choice, can’t wait to see it being developed!

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  3. My goodness, I could have written this post. My husband and I bonded after our first date (on which we had dinner and saw two movies) by talking about books for over six hours in his car in front of my house. He is the only person I know who reads what I read and who is capable of sustaining a meaningful conversation about the written word.

    As for Harry Potter… He’s a Gryffindor, I’m a Hufflepuff and we also went to Florida for our honeymoon. I just can’t find the heart to get rid of my chocolate frog box, and I’m currently working on building a perch for my stuff owl so he can sit on a shelf in the babies room.


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