That’ll Learn Me

For the first time this whole pregnancy, I felt sick.

It was weird, not necessarily nausea, but a combination of back-of-the-throat pre-nausea and really super high in the trunk hunger pains. I felt, for lack of a better word, pregnant. And it was all my fault.

This past week has taught me that I really need to follow that food pyramid. Or at the very least, I need to eat one of everything on it, all the time. A day of too much carbs/starch seems to be just as bad as a day where I only eat salads.

Since last week, I’ve made sure that my snacks are just as likely to be a piece of fruit as they are to be a kashi bar. My dinners might be a beautiful and colourful assortment of veggies and protein, but I’ve learned to add a potato or small piece of bread. Otherwise, bad things happen.

I haven’t actually had the unenviable experience of true morning sickness, but I feel like this whole episode was a warning. One that I very much want to heed.

I’m going to go off on what will seem like a sidebar here, but I promise it’ll come back around to this.

So MFH has zero desire to know the Spawn’s gender before the birth. Let me rephrase that properly. MFH absolutely, 100% does not want to know the gender of the Spawn and will murder any who dare try and inform him.

I’m filing this in the same binder as him fighting tooth and nail not to see my wedding dress before I walked up the aisle to him. And, much like figuring out how not to talk about/show him the dress, I will have to do the same ninja work on this. Because besides wanting to know myself, my mother and grandmother (and perhaps the extended family as well) are desperate to know as well.

For Mom and G’mom, knowing the gender helps with anything they’d like to buy/make the Spawn ahead of time. But I also think it’s just exciting and something that feels like a little extra fun. I just have to be the one that reminds everyone to watch what they say around MFH’s hearing. Also the one that figures out where to hide anything gender specific we get as gifts. (Talk about first world problems, eh?)

That’s why our idea of having a Harry Potter themed nursery is so genius. I can work on it all while leading up to the birth…and no one will be the wiser about gender. (I’ll get into HP and why it’s perfect for us in a later post, but for now just trust me that it’s perfect for us.)

A few years ago, my laptop died on me. It totally sucked and left my hands a bit free for my liking, so I searched around for a project I could do while I waited for a replacement. I found a massive cross stitch of the Hogwarts school crest, and made it my new little (HUGE) project.

Well, soon enough I got a new laptop…then planned a wedding…and yeah, life. It gets in the way of things if you let it. My sad cross stitch sat always in the closet, waiting for me to get back on it.

Now that I’ve decided to do the HP theme, I have not only a reason to work on it, but I have a timeline to finish it.

Here’s what I have so far:
Hogwarts Crest Cross Stitch

And that brings me back ’round to our primary discussion.

Another thing I need to remember? My weekend naps are suuuuuper important. I’ve consistently taken naps all weekend, pretty much from the time I suspected I *might* be pregnant. It never occurred to me that the reason why I was able to make it through the work week without much issue was that I stored the extra hours on the weekend.

But when I was so furiously working on my cross stitch, I didn’t feel the need to nap.

Monday, I almost fell asleep at my desk. Several times. Never in my life have I felt so out of control of my body/mood. It was insane the difference a couple naps made to my day.

Last night I went to bed extra early, and it seems to have me almost back to normal. But man, have I ever learned my lesson.

I solemnly swear that I will mix up my meals and always take my weekend naps, regardless of how I’m feeling that day.

It learned me good. :p


5 thoughts on “That’ll Learn Me

  1. I pray that the nausea leaves you right after the first trimester like all those books claim happen. Myself and a few friends on BBC haven’t been so fortunate and look to birth as our sweet relief. 1st Tri protein helped me a lot, 2nd Tri was carbs, and I am less than six weeks out from my EDD and have found no “cure” other than sucking on a mint. Yes, naps! I love my naps. Energy will return in the 2nd Tri but vanishes again in the 3rd Tri.

    Love the cross-stitch! Yet another craft I need to get back to.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate the thought, but I’m definitely not able to pass on the nominations properly.

      I really enjoy your blog as well. It’s so wonderful to have this huge online support group, isn’t it?


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