I really don’t get pregnancy timing.

Well, I shouldn’t say I don’t get it. I get it as in I understand the concept of it. I could pass a test on it, if such a thing existed. I just think it’s stupid.

When I found myself pregnant, I immediately called the midwife. (I’m going to get into why I chose a midwife at some point, but not right now.) I said that I was two weeks pregnant, because at that time I was exactly two weeks from the time I ovulated.

But when I started looking at my stats on all the sites I belong to, they had me at four weeks. I magically gained two weeks of pregnancy? Apparently, because everyone is counting from my period and not the actual fetal age.

Praha Clock

This seems like a much better timekeeping option then my cell phone. [©hardRebot@DA]

At least FertilityFriend‘s Pregnancy tracker lays it all out. Week I’m on: 7 (although I can’t say I’m 7 weeks until I pass 7 weeks, so technically I’m 6 weeks+days; another timing issue that I find baffling). Month I’m on: 2. Trimester: 1. Fetal age: 5 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to get 2 free weeks. It means that that all important 12-week mark is 2 weeks closer than I thought when this whole thing started.

The thing I don’t love about it, is it makes it look like I knew I was pregnant before I started this new job. I get that 2 weeks is such a small issue, but it’s the principal of the thing. I really, really love my new job, and I am a little bummed that I won’t have been there a whole year before the Spawn arrives.

Still, this was the timing that worked for MFH and me, so I can’t be too boo-ho0 about the whole situation.

And it also makes me realize that timing is going to be a part of this experience for a very long time. I expected timing to matter to get pregnant. I don’t think it would matter so much once I actually was.

I guess I sort of forgot how everything from infant clothing to how-to books rank themselves by number of weeks.

Silly me.

I think the worst thing about timing, though, is waiting.

My first appointment with my midwife isn’t until the 16th. I’ll be firmly 8+ weeks at that point. It seems like a really long time before I can get some concrete info on the Spawn. Then again, there are women in my birth club who aren’t getting looked at until 10 weeks.

So really I should be counting myself lucky. Still, the only real solid evidence I have that the Spawn even exists is a solid lack of a period and something I peed on. :p

I suppose just like everything else, the days will go by, and I’ll get in and hear a heartbeat or see a flicker on a screen.

I can hardly wait…


One thought on “Timing

  1. I love your blog because your thought patterns seem almost entirely to reflect mine… take that as a compliment, if you will 😉 The pregnancy dating thing is pretty stupid, if you ask me. The magic 2 freebie weeks are also based on a ‘normal’ cycle of 28 days, which cocks up the dates for those of us who don’t have 28 day cycles. But anyway, enough wondering and ranting on your blog – I have my own for that!


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