Why I Think I’m Pregnant

This is probably the last thing I write before I test. (Just as a side note, to friends and family who also read this blog: I will tell you before I tell the interwebs. Honestly, I’m not a Kardashian.) I’m going to take a break after that, because, if I’m pregnant, I have some calls to make. If I’m not…well, I think I’ll probably still have some calls to make. Give me a week, we’ll go from there…

Fertility Friend gives me about 63% odds at this point. So, with approximately the same odds that I am preggo as I’m about to start my girl stuff, here’s my two cents.

I’m not going to bother with any symptoms that would also indicate an impending period. Yes to all of them. I can’t tell if they are better or worse than my normal cycles, so it seems silly to hash over them a million times. Here are a few weird things that seem to be abnormal, that I’m not sure are even actually symptoms, but that are definitely in high action.

I Cannot Stop Drinking Fluids
Seriously. Water, tea, juice, flavored beverages, it doesn’t seem to matter. I feel like I’m thirsty the second I swallow my mouthful of drink. The cup is not even out of my hand and I’m bringing it back up to my mouth. I go through three trays of ice cubes in as many hours.

I understand that Summer’s on its way and it’s getting hotter outside, but it’s not like I’m running in it. It’s weird, and I’m blaming it on pregnancy. So there.

All I Want is Bitter/Sour
This may be a false alarm entirely. After all, ever since meeting MFH my tastes have expanded and changed. He caught me eating raw red onions out of the fridge a couple months ago.

But here’s the thing, the last two weeks I cannot get enough vinegar, citrus, and anything else super sharp or sour tasting.

Want an example? I cut up rhubarb for pie yesterday. And started eating it. Raw. Without sugar. Honestly considered not making the pie and just eating the rhubarb pieces like Jujubes.

My Hair isn’t Falling Out
Wait, let me back up a bit for this one.

I have amazing hair. I’m not being a dick, it’s just a fact. Even when I felt terrible, awful things about myself and my body, I usually got along with my hair. It’s thick and I have a ton of it. Usually wear it to mid-back. Hairdressers swoon. I need a full sized bath towel to dry it.

Having said all this, it shocks me that I’m not bald. The amount of hair that comes off of my head with every brushing, washing, or styling is insane. I shed worse than my dog, and that’s saying something.

Piper's Sheddings

Piper glaring at me after a brushing. (She’s blowing her winter coat.)

But right now? A strand or two, maybe.

I asked my cousin (with a child) about the whole pregnancy makes your hair awesome thing, because her hair is identical to mine, except red. I expressed my concern that having hair any thicker would be unfathomable. You know what she told me?

It just stopped falling out.

So maybe I am, and maybe I’m not. But either way I’m testing tomorrow at 14 days past ovulation. I suppose if it’s negative (and I don’t get my period in a few days) I’ll test again later.

Still, fingers crossed.
See you on the flip side…


3 thoughts on “Why I Think I’m Pregnant

  1. Oh my Gosh. You are a classic! I’d imagine your take on pregnancy would be just as hilarious! Good luck. I’m in the dreaded two week wait at the mo’ too. It’s crap. 😛 xx Miss Cookas

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