A Bit of Cheer

I had Cheerios with sliced bananas this morning. It sort of came out of the blue, because I’m really trying not to eat processed foods…even if it is plan ol’ Cheerios.

It was alarmingly pleasant and nostalgic. Wait…can something alarming be pleasant? Well it was, so let’s say it was surprising rather than alarming.

I have no real recollection of eating any kind of cereal with any kind of fruit that wasn’t freeze-dried in the package in my adult life. There was something about it that made me think of my grandparents and summer holidays. A simpler time when my only real worry was whether or not some youthful drama was occurring in my circle of friends.

I’ve had memories brought on by sight or sound. (A flower, movie, or song.) I can’t really recall a memory brought on by taste, though. Surely it’s happened, I just can’t remember.

It makes me think I shall have to have another banana Cheerio bowl soon…

On the other side of reminiscent, I had a really strong instinctual positive response to my new Family Doctor.

(Sidebar: Family Doctors in Ontario are extremely hard to come by. Not even just Ontario…all of Canada really. I only had one when I moved here because everyone loves my g’rents and that includes their doctor. Even though he wasn’t taking any new patients, he took me because of them. My g’rents are amaze.)

My search for a new doc could have been terrible, but it wasn’t. It was actually rather easy,  considering I had criterion I wanted met. [read: female doctor]. I walked in today for what was actually supposed to be a look-see for both doctor and patient. It took about three sentences for us to find a rhythm. Then it was on. It literally felt like chatting with one of my girlfriends. (I have super smart girlfriends, yo.)

We talked pregnancy plans, my preconception routine, and she basically checked my work in regards to TTC.

(Another Sidebar: TTC means “Trying to Conceive” in the TTC community. To me? It means Toronto Transit Commission. On the TTC bus to work is therefore not as gross as it sounds. Weirdly, up there before the sidebar, I did actually mean trying to conceive. But I digress…)

In the end, I got another official okay to start. I’m definitely not too modest to repeat her exact words, “You know what you’re doing and you’re on top of everything.” Teehee. She also ordered me up a round of blood work.

Remember my thing about blood work?

Right, well, it actually didn’t go so bad this time. CR, the first great friend I made in my move up north, has her own long history of blood work. She recommends really trying to preempt the blood taking by squeezing her hands into tight fists over and over. Sure enough, the trick worked for me. (Thanks Lady!) It was the easiest, least disturbing blood taking ever. The orderly who took my blood said my veins were no problem, they are just deep. Good to know, on both accounts.

I’m a little concerned about one of the tests. It’s to make sure that my rubella immunity is still valid. If I’ve lost my immunity, I will have to get the shots again. That’s three months I’ll have to add to my waiting time, if I choose to get it before I conceive. If I don’t, then I put myself and the fetus at obvious risk…but for a decease that more or has been eliminated.

Women get pregnant without knowing their immunity, and they just wait until birth to get the shots. Still, if I know beforehand…isn’t it a little selfish of me to just say screw it and stick to my timing?


I suppose I will make the choice when I find out, right? Right!

Well, I have to say that immunities aside it was a great day. I think I needed this day. Between missing family and friends, and all this “funemployment” nonsense (more on that later), I’ve been a little blue of late. It was nice to have a day where I smiled a lot and just generally wasn’t bummed.

Take the good as it comes, as they say…


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