Hoppy Easter!

I’m not a fan of Facebook. I know, it’s weird. Everyone’s on Facebook. Except for me and the elderly…and even some of them have nifty pages that their grandkids hooked them up with. I refuse to even get on for all those great “Like” deals.

So it’s not exactly a secret, but I don’t walk around with an “I’m not on Facebook” t-shirt either.

Here’s the thing. It’s not an arbitrary choice. I’m not on, because I’ve noticed that people tend to forget real-life contact (at least with me), when I’ve been on Facebook in the past.

This happened again recently when I found out via Facebook (of a friend) that my Mother went in for emergency surgery. Yeah. It felt about as good as you’d figure it might. She’s fine. But still, my point is the same.

So that’s how I started my Easter week. I spent a vast majority of the time I should have been planing my Easter yumminess losing my skull over the health of my mother. (OCD + Stress = Ugly)

The thing about Easter yummies, is that there is sort of a non-recognized baking competition between the attendees of my in-laws’ Easter. The first year I ever went, I made a gingerbread and Key Lime Pie. MFH’s aunt M made a Key Lime Pie as well. Totally weird and random, especially since there is not so much of the Key Liming in Canada. But it gets better. The next year? Tres Leches. Both of us. Again. IN CANADA. I was convinced she had a video camera in our house. How else could that have happened?

This year I wanted to try something totally out there and different. Something that even though AM and I seem to channel each other’s plans, I would be the only one with this idea.

So what did I come up with? Whoopie Pies. (Both Chocolate and Vanilla.) Did a basic marshmallow filling for both. Added some Easter colour. Bam! And though AM mentioned that she had thought about doing creme-filled donuts, (seriously, she’s in my brain!) they ended up being the only Whoopie Pies up for this year’s consideration. :p

Look at the pretty colours!



Easter was also the one month (and 4 day) checkpoint for me having a baby friendly body. (No alcohol, LOTS of vitamins, crazy amounts of lean meats and veggies, and enough water to float in.) One down, two to go…

Of course, now’s the time to get super buff…er, at least more buff than I am now. My go-to for the past year has been Barreworks. I love the classes, they kick my ass, and I see results literally the next day. I’ve also not gone for like three months. Today was my first class back, and it felt like it. I’ve booked classes every Monday through Friday in April. Tomorrow I’m going to hurt so bad. Hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday, my body will be like, “Oooooooh, right…we’ve done this before, we can do it again.” But until then? Lots of pain.

The really sick part?

I’m totally looking forward to it.



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