With Lips Red as Blood

My plan to start trying to conceive this spring/summer was given the official medical go-ahead today. I’d gone in for some information on booster shots, and ended up getting a full questioning about diets and supplements. Oh, and the said booster.

I’ve never really had a needle thing. (I have a serious vein thing, but more on that in a second.) As such, I’ve always liked the mechanics of getting shots. I mean, there’s this hollow sharp thing that pushes fluid into your body. It rarely hurts and always seems like a bit of a magic trick.

As a little kid I would stare at the point of injection. It often pissed off whoever was administering the shot, as if they thought I might be judging the level of their work. At that age I had no idea what a good or bad shot was, beyond the simple matter of whether or not it hurt. The hurting didn’t taper my enjoyment at all; I just thought it was cool.

One of the things everyone seems to agree on (besides taking folic acid) is make sure you’re up to date with all your shots. I tend to be fairly good on this front. You know…since the shots in general aren’t a big issue for me. I am, however, due for my tetanus booster.

Except, apparently that doesn’t exist anymore. Or, at the very least, it doesn’t come on its own anymore. The Tdap vaccination replaced it. In addition to Tetanus, it offers me (and through me, the Spawn) protection against Whooping Cough and Diphtheria. I’m all for efficiency, even if it does mean I’ll miss out on the extra needle watching. 😉

Veins on the other hand…

Well, I suppose the easiest way to explain it, is I feel like they should stay closed and unpunctured. It’s not about the blood. As most of my friends could personally attest, I’m nonplussed by the inter workings of bodies. Whether mine, someone else’s, or even that of an animal; I’m more concerned with understanding how it all works and how I might fix it, than being upset by it. Yet intravenous procedures of any kind bother me.

Part of it is that I have baby veins that many an overworked nurse has cursed over. I have scars on my hands from some of the more spectacular “misses.”

The other part harkens back to my time as an anorexic dancer/actor.

I was diagnosed with what my pediatrician was convinced was the Mumps. A blood test was needed to confirm. (I did.) And, since I was going in anyways, I might as well check for a few other things as well. The technician there suggested with the size of my body and veins, I should avoid ever donating blood. (Not that I needed her suggestion.)

After the first time I felt so sick and dizzy, my body was convinced I was vomiting while pirouetting. When I went in a few weeks later to confirm that the antibodies were now present in my system, I flat out fainted in the hall. Luckily, my BF at the time caught me before I cracked my head open. (Oh, if only I were the swooning type.)

Since then I have had a myriad of issues that have led in one way or another to be attached to an IV or to have blood drawn. I’ve learned to open with, “I have difficult veins that give lots of people problems, and usually a butterfly works best.”

Sometimes there aren’t any issues. Other times…well, I’ve had to assure people more than once that I’ve never been beaten or an addict.(Nothing, I’ve found, looks quite as terrible on porcelain skin then a vein bruise. Or bruises as my case may be.)

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to all the bloodletting in the future, but I can say that I’m better prepared for it then I’ve ever been.

There’s also something about bleeding for the Spawn, rather than simply for me…well, it just all seems to make more sense that way.

A martyr? Moi?


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