Dreams and a Gift

I had my first ever pregnancy dream last night. Except, of course, I’m not pregnant yet…so I guess it was really just more of a dream about pregnancy, but I digress.

I’ve heard/read these can be kind of terrible, so I’m thankful I’m sliding into it easily, as it were… It wasn’t even a Lightmare. (A nightmare where something sucks, but isn’t actually scary. ie: my wedding makeup artist never shows up and I have to do it myself.) More than anything it was just funny.

I’d gotten an ultrasound done, and for some reason it was one of those 3D/4D ones. These actually really freak me out. There’s a reason we keep them in for 9+ months, seeing them in perfect 3D before they’re finished is a bit frightening. They always seem to either look like sea monkeys or mini velociraptors. They are not ready to come out, ergo, they are not ready to be seen in all their…glory?

Anyways, I’ve been reading a lot of Babble.com lately. Yesterday, I was particularly following the babblings of two women (Aela & Diana) who both had twins and who both lost the twins in the middle of their pregnancy.

So I’m sure this is what made me dream that I was having twins. I was actually super excited about this, in my dream, because MFH occasionally looks at me like he’s ordering at a drive-through window except he says, “Twin girls.” I’m not 100% sure if he actually thinks that mind over matter will produce these results, or if he just says it because I have a mini tantrum and scream, “THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!” at him whenever he does it.

He does like my tantrums.

Right, so twins, in the 3D ultrasound, and I’m stoked. I can’t actually remember if they were both girls, but I do remember that one of them had two heads. That seems like something I should be concerned about, though, right? Yeah, except the…um…ultrasoundician? That can’t be right. Ultrasound technician, then. She looks at me and goes, “Oh, don’t worry, the baby just moved its head as I took the picture so we got a double exposure.”

So I get twins and they both only have one head? Fantastic.

To change the subject to real life; MFH brought me home a gift from work today. What, you ask?


The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions

Yeah…he’s HILARIOUS.




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