.:Welcome to Made in Toronto:.

I started Made in Toronto as a way to document all of the craziness surrounding my journey with pregnancy. Now, it’s a place to document my trials and tribulations with parenting. The dual purposes being to have something to look back on later, and to be able to share my experiences with the innumerable women out there going through the same thing. I know listening to and reading the stories of the women who’ve gone before me has seriously helped me.

I’m not a doctor, nor do I have any certifications which would make me someone you should listen to over anyone else. I do have opinions, of course, and I’ll try to always back them up if/when they have some basis in fact. I will also never attack anyone else for disagreeing with me. We ladies have enough crap thrown at us without worrying over hating each other.

I was born—if not raised—in Toronto. I have lived and traveled all over, but have never found any place quite like it. I love it. It seems almost poetic that my daughter was made here herself.

The blog will surely evolve as I do. Hopefully, you’ll get something out of my rambling, running commentary.

Even if it is only a bit of a laugh. 🙂

The story starts here.